Raimie's Sports Day

Last Saturday, Raimie's school had their 51st annual sports day event. We were up as a usual school day because the event starts at 7.30am. But we still managed to grab a quick breakfast at the Mamak stall first!

The day was sunny and ideal for a sports day event. The sports field kinda had a carnival feel to it, what with several stalls being set up selling food items like fruits, burgers, and drinks. Not to mention the songs that were blaring from the sound system.

The Sports Houses' teachers and students busy decorating their tents. Raimie is in green house.

The Sports Parade, led by the Boy Scouts.

Zaini got roped in as a judge for the most decorative tent (Khemah tercantik). I got busy checking on the boys (Raimie and his friends) get enough fluid as it was really hot that day.
Rows of hampers and medals for students, parents and teachers participating in the Sports Day

Raimie entered five events - three Sukaneka type ones where he need to 1. run with a small bean bag held on his head, 2. run with a hoop and 3. a skipping race and also a 50m dash and a 50m relay. For the sukaneka ones, he got a couple of second placing but unfortunately no medals for him for his 50m event. No biggie lah. It was rather entertaining watching the Standard One students in each of their events. We parents had plenty of laugh. Hehehe...

But it was quite competitive race for Standard 3 upwards. I enjoyed watching them race for 100m and 200m.

All in all, it was a fun day but maybe a tiring one for Raimie. After the event, I persuaded both Zaini and Raimie to go MGS' School Hall to check out students in Taekwondo training. I'm still trying to influence Raimie to join Karate or Taekwondo. :)

He fell asleep after finishing this for lunch at Sushi Zanmai afterwards.


  1. Yummy sushi! Back in school, somehow I always ended up being placed in green house.

  2. it would be a great experience for Raimie to go through some self defense classes. but don't be hard on him, give him some time to think over it.

  3. wow the suhsi surely looks good :D

  4. @Mei Teng,
    I forgot what my sports house was except when I was in Form 4 & %, I was in red house. Too old to remember, I think. LOL

    @Life Ramblings,
    So far I'm just talking about it to him. Hopefully in future he will show some interest.

    @Blogger Rise,
    Looks good and delicious too. :)

  5. wow!! sushi tu mengancam btul!!!!
    hari sukan kat mesia serious paneh giler!!

  6. @Farah,
    memang panas giler... Rasa mcm nak terbakar kepala... (tu yg terfikir - dulu masa kecik2 tahan lak berpanas, berjemur tengah padang. Sekarang, sorry lah... bawah pokok lah tempat port) :D

  7. 5 events! Raimie must be tired out after all that exercise.... er, plus the mouth (eat sushi) :P

  8. @ECL,
    yalar, all parts of body exercised that day. :D

  9. Wow, you and Zaini really participate actively in the school's activities! I won't be surprised if Raimie says he enjoys his school activities. Sorry if I sound funny but really my family and I were never active in school. It's really a different experience for me reading this Lina. :)

  10. @Jim,
    not really lah... We just make sure we are there for Raimie, and so happens that the Headmaster noticed our mug being often at school so it is easy for him to ask the other teachers to get our help.

    Anyway, Zaini was really active and excel in sports at school but I was more of a participate in everything but never really good at them when I was in school. :D

    All this experience will be good for Raimie. :)

  11. That's a yummy lunch...now i'm craving again!

    I miss school, it was fun!

  12. @Ayie,
    You did? You must be at school. :)

    I didn't miss the classes - I always have problem with concentrating but I enjoyed the extra-curricular activities.

    thanks for stopping by too. :)

  13. @Ayie,
    what I meant to say was "You must be good at school".

  14. sorry lina only now i get to check your responses...for some reason i didn't get email notifications (for everything).

    I was so active back then both extra curricular and lectures. =D


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