"Makan" Time At Cameron Highlands

Usually, when we go to a cooler place such as Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands or maybe to Bukit Tinggi too; we like to enjoy a nice steaming pot of steamboat. We had wanted to eat steamboat at the hotel we were staying in that evening, just like what we did on last year's trip, but after checking out the set meal and the buffett option at the hotel's Chinese restaurant (which was closed when we went down at around 5.00pm), we decided to opt for room service instead.

The three of us chose the same thing for dinner; we ate BBQ burger that took me three times to repeat my order. Heck! I even had to repeat our room number a couple of times! I guess my English pronounciation is quite bad for people to understand. LOL

Prompt service though, because we got our dinner served in less than half an hour. Yup, I always time how long it took for my food to come from the time I called room service to the time the food arrives my room. I sure nitpick a lot, don't I? It's a habit I acquired from staying at some nice hotels that promised to give guests complimentary food if it is not served within a stipulated amount of time, say within 45 minutes. And yes, I've gotten free meals because of staff inefficiency before. I insist on that! Yahaha!!!

I wrote about what we had for breakfast while vacationing in Japan, at Toyoko-Inn, at Hotel JAL City and Uematsuya. Now, what did we have at Equatorial Cameron Highlands? Breakfast is never missed in our household. But, we don't really take a heavy breakfast.

We went down for breakfast a bit late, about 45 minutes before breakfast session is over, and the dining area was noticeably less hectic that what we experienced last year.

Kudos to the staff efficiency - they are fast in clearing dirty plates. I noticed that the staff there are quite good with children too. There were many Arab kids dining-in with their families while we were having breakfast and the wait-staff were quite obliging in helping out the kids taking drinks and food items. Raimie however, was sadly neglected. Well, my son doesn't like strangers anyway. ;-)

Nothing exciting about the food but you'll be spoilt for choice (if you come early, that is). Some of the food station i.e. waffle and dimsum (or was it pau?) had nobody manning it.

After getting our tummy adequately filled, it was time for some fruit picking for us.
What if we booked a room with no breakfast (to save cost on room rates)? We usually have cup noodles for breakfast before heading out.


  1. Never had much chance to go Cameron Highlands. Everytime I want to go, I always end up in Genting Highlands. I'm a gambler at heart, haha. =p

  2. @Shingo T,
    Well... Genting is muc livelier than Cameron, gambling or no. :D And it is muc nearer from Singapore than Cameron Highlands. :)

    It's been almost 2 years since I last went to Genting. :D

  3. that burger kind of look nice to me, and i guess definitely taste nicer since that's free?? haha.. buffet breakfast in hotel is surely something i'd use to measure a hotel standard.. a nice continental buffet breakfast is something i'm looking forward to in the morning..

  4. @SK,
    Nope, that burger was not a freebie! I was just comparing the serving time. XD

    I actually favour hotel with executive level or club level in normal cases just so I won't have to deal with the breakfast crowd! And yes, a nice continental breakfast is something I look forward too. ;)

  5. I love hotel breakfasts! So many food choices, it's such fun for families.

  6. The burger looks big and nice... but I'd probably be starving again later if only had burger for dinner :P

  7. @jellybelly,
    Don't we all? :-)

  8. @Evan's Mom,
    If those are McD sized burgers, I'd be hungry again too! But the burger are quite big and I actually have trouble finishing them. :D

  9. we on the other hand love to enjoy the buffet breakfast whenever we book in a hotel

  10. @Ayie,
    You do? I guess most people do. For us, buffett is nice, but sometimes the crowd at the buffett can give me a headache. :D


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