Cameron Highlands Farm Visit

The second day we were in Cameron Highlands, we decided to head to Mountain Strawberry Farm located nearby the hotel we were staying in.
To get there, we used the access road to Boh Farm in Sg Palas. Beware though! The road to Sg Palas Boh Plantation (and to Mountain Strawberry Farm) is extremely narrow and winding. It boggles the mind to see sightseeing buses navigate this road which is barely enough to let a car pass by, let alone buses and a two-way traffic!
Sg Palas Boh Plantation. Row and rows of tea trees as far as the eyes can see.
Raimie was pretty happy running around the farm, checking out the cactus plants, the animals (in cages, though) and of course, picking up strawberries and vegetables at the farm. We picked some strawberries and bought some Cameron Apples (the one Zaini was holding in the photo above). We didn't buy much because we'd have trouble finishing them all!

This farm is not located by the road-side and getting there can be a challenge but it was nice because the few times we were there, there aren't many visitors around.  Tour buses may have problem parking here too, because of the steep incline (almost 90 degrees! o.O) one have drive to get to the farm. But for those who did make the journey, bought cart loads of vegetables here unlike us who spent less than RM50 for our stash. :D


  1. cameron highland is always fun!

  2. @wenn,
    It is, isn't it. I wanna make a return visit again.

  3. your pictures absolutely bring back fond memories. i missed being in CH.

  4. Cool! I'm planning to visit Cameron Highlands. I was there 20 years ago and didn't get to go strawberry picking because I had a terrible motion sickness. lol

  5. @LR,
    We have fond memories too and that's why we return again this year. :D

    But the traffic jam at CH. I'm not missing that!

  6. @ECL,
    Do you still suffer from that? Then best to avoid Tapah road at all cost this time! :D

    WHen are you going to the Highlands? Hope you'll have plenty of fun! :)

  7. I just love the feeling of seeing flowers and fruits on the plant itself so farm visits are always delightful experiences.

    Camerons apples? Interesting. Did you buy any? Do they taste like apples?

  8. @Happysurfer,
    Zaini said the apples taste like a cross between honeydew and tomato. I bought a lot and even brought it to the office to share with my colleagus and they loved it! :)

  9. oh, Cameron Apple?? how does it taste like?? i remember i've bought some last time and tasted nothing like apple at all, hahahaha..

  10. wow, sure or not?? the parking is almost 90 degree vertical?? then really can't park any car there already else sure drop, haha..

  11. go cameron highlands sure buy lots of fresh vegetables back home mah.. cheaper and a lot tastier leh~~

  12. @SK,
    Cameron apples definitely is noting like apple. LOL

    Kalau betul 90 degrees, memang susahlah. LOL But it was really steep going down the farm. Your car needs to have the momentum to drive up otherwise,sure stall in the middle.

  13. it's so lush and green there, what a relaxing and fresh place to be away from the busy city

  14. @Ayie,
    It's green alright but you can't avoid the jam here. There's traffic jam here in weekends and public holiday!


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