A Night In Penang

So we finally made it to Penang. This is the first trip for us as a family. Yeay!!! For me, it was such a long time since my last visit to this island.

The journey from KL was a relatively stress free 4 hours' drive and a cool one at that as it was drizzling throughout the journey.

We checked-in at Traders Hotel for the night.
Our room. Ample amenities even in this superior room that we were in; the room  even came stocked with toothbrushes! Not all hotels in Malaysia provide this to guests.

The room is OK I guess, but I had issues with the sound proofing of the room. Our room is a connecting room, and I can actually hear everything my next door neighbor did! I had wanted to change room but Zaini said there was no point doing it if the other rooms have flimsy walls too.

There are two saving grace at this hotel to counter the noisy room: 
One - the view. I love the view we got from our room. We could the the swimming pool and putting green below and also a little bit of the ocean and Penang Bridge and the mountain area too! Nice...

The second one is the staff. The check-in staff was professional and efficient (a little bit impersonal but that's OK) and then, I was greeted warmly by other staff including the person sitting at the concierge table the morning we were checking-out.You know I can such a sucker for good customer service so even though I wasn't all that excited with the hotel initially, all was almost forgiven because of their friendly staff.
We already had Nasi Kandar for lunch earlier in the day, so for dinner we decided to eat in the comfort of our room by ordering room service. We ordered Fish Head Curry and Chicken Curry. The fish head was a huge one, and it can amply satisfy three person. A good bargain although the taste itself was just so-so. Two dishes with rice at only RM54 (inclusive tax) is pretty reasonable especially when one is eating in a hotel, right?

I didn't have much chance to explore the hotel and try out the facilities because one night there is simply too short hence there aren't much to write (read:complain.LOL) about the hotel.

Overall, an OK hotel. The decor here is pretty much Oriental influenced to which I'm afraid I am not a great fan of. The hotel's location is great for us, with everything can be found within walking distance. With a shopping mall opening soon right next to it, shopaholics can rejoice while saying here. Also, this hotel provides free wired broadband connection in each room and wi-fi connection at their public area. The blogger me was pretty happy about this! :-)


  1. I hope the guest in the next room weren't up to anything hanky panky cos the noise that would have made ... hahaha!

  2. Shocking that hotel rooms can have such thin walls. The fish curry looks good. Managed to do any gallivanting outside?

  3. thin walls can b embarrassing but this hotel's location is good

  4. @Nick,
    Hearing the noise next door, I was afraid to do any hanky-panky! LOL

  5. @HappySurfer,
    A few hours gallivanting with my Son while hubby went to work. It was great fun! :)

  6. @Bengbeng,
    It was rather disconcerting when one can hear the phone ringing, the TV on, the curtains being drawn next door. I don't like the room itself but as you said, the location is good.

  7. I envy you Lina, once again another family trip!

    I like the hotel and how the bedding is arranged.

  8. @Ayie,
    It's not easy for us to go holiday in Malaysia though!


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