Out And About In Penang - Old World Charm

My last instalment post on Penang.

While Zaini was working that day on Saturday, so it was just me and Raimie going sightseeing  and I was absolutely awestrucked by the old world that you can find in Penang.
Instead of high-rise buildings, I saw rows and rows of shophouses
Instead of neon signs like what I can see in big cities, I saw these signboards. Charming. :-)
I certainly won't see this kind of signboard in KL! 

Next up : our trip to Cameron Highlands.


  1. A lot of towns in Malaysia, Muar comes to mind, look something like this. Though these exude a certain charm, I think a new coat of paint would make the place a lot brighter, don't you think? Nice pictures, Lina. Great for archives.

  2. Hand-painted signboards is a thing of the past these days. It required real skill to paint all those signboards back then.

  3. @HappySurfer,
    I agree about the shopshouses needing a fresh coat of paint.

  4. @Nick,
    Can you those handpainted signs? :)

  5. It is very striking. Thank you for post the photos.

  6. KL - Sibu flights r so cheap nowadays but there is so little to attract tourists unlike Penang

  7. @flutietootie,
    My pleasure. :)

  8. @Bengbeng,
    Well, judging from your photos, there are plenty of interesting sights to see; maybe just not what tourists would normally look for. :)

  9. Georgetown still crowned with UNESCO World Heritage title, or has it been revoked already?? hmmm, long time never been there already, more than 10 years i guess, and the trishaw & bicyle sign still there, amazing.. :p

  10. that's a very friendly area for bikers and motorists, I also heard foods there are great!

    sneaky time for mommy...finally get to be here again!

  11. @SK,
    It still is, right? I remember reading about it going to be revoked some time back though.

    I find it amazing too that the trishaws and three-wheeled bicycle to carry things are still widely used, and not solely for tourists purpose. Penang is indeed a charming island. :)

  12. @Ayie,
    Yes, despite the congested road in Georgetown, trishaw riders peacefully ride their bikes, ferying passengers.

    The food is definitely a main draw to Penang.


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