Volunteering For A Valentine's Day Run

We thought we might do something different this year for the Valentine's Day weekend other than running unfathomable distance like what we did last year (I did 80K and Hubby did 70K, in case you're wondering).

So instead of running, we became volunteers for the Bubbly Fairytale Run in Bukit Jalil last Saturday.
After helping out with the setting of tables and whatnot, we stationed ourselves at this picnic table. Runners were encouraged to stop and take photos at a few stations and enjoy the moment.

I must say, I like the runners' attitude. Most were sporting and they all waited patiently for their turn to take photos.

Quite a number were seen running and holding hands which was so sweetttttttt. Awwwwww...
It was a nice experience. The small volunteer team that came were all experienced runners so we were all able to function without too much of direction. Sendiri pandai cari kerja sendiri. HAHAHA
I'm hoping to volunteer to more events in the future but see how la...

And there's a women-only event that I am quite partial in getting involved now, called the Ungu 55.


  1. it's a fun event on a Valentine's Day!! kudos to the organisers and most importantly the mind behind the event.. :)

    Mak Glam and Pak Kura also sssswwwweeeeeettttttt lah.. you did not mention about the tees you were wearing, but i saw it right away!!

  2. The t-shirts are so cute la, like couple shirt! =]

  3. It's a nice way to spend Valentine's Day doing what you love with the one you love. Romantic jugak kan?

  4. So sporting of you too, Lina.. like the last pose.. the tshirts and the cute pic! :)

    1. Cute right?
      Now we can wear the tee as our couple tee n annoy people. Haha

    2. Oihhhhh...gediiiik.
      Gawd...am I starting to feel annoyed hahahah :D

  5. Why all the comments also about the t-shirt one hahaha!

    Times have really changed. I cannot imagine that got even running event sempena Valentine's Day.

  6. Aawww~! Aaaww~! The couple T shirts were so cute with the cartoon almost kissing each other. Whoever that designed it must be very creative and loving person. I love that.


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