Darussalam Fun 50

In April last year, while we were having lunch with a friend midway through our LSD, at Restaurant Darussalam in Presint 14, Putrajaya; we hatched a plan to do an easy, walking pace 50K LSD.

The friend wanted to do a 100K in November that year and both Hubby and I told him he could get by just by walking at a certain pace so that the risk of DNF (did not finish) would be low for him.

We never get to do it with him, as he left us suddenly in August but Hubby and I felt that we should do it to complete an unfinished business and specially for our friend and after much delay, we did it last Sunday.
The first 40K. We started from Taman Seri Empangan, walked towards Presint 14 and reached the halfway (25K) mark at Restoran Darussalam where we stopped to have lunch and top-up on our drinks, went to Taman Botani before heading to the Core Island.
The balance 10.20K from Umai Cafe (we stopped and re-started the watch at Umai Cafe because our GPS watch battery was running low. But thankfully, it continued reading our distance until we were back to Taman Seri Empangan).

I had a bit of an issue with my right ankle just as we came out from Taman Botani, so it was painful to continue our walk. Hubby asked whether I was OK to continue and I told him, we just needed to slow down. So from an average pace of 12min/km (inclusive of rest stops) it turned to a 14-15min/km pace.

We wanted and needed to finish our 50K as otherwise, we need to this again to settle our "hutang" and I was glad we did.

Our walk was nice. We bumped into a number of friends and they were nice enough to wave and shout-out encouragements to us. Hubby even met his ex-colleague along the way. ^^

So yeah, it was fun doing the 50K walk last Sunday.

Edit :
Someone complained that it was no fun without any photos that we took along the way, so here it is...
Started our walk from Taman Seri Empangan at 8:05am.
Approaching 21K mark. We had to enter Taman Rimba Alam from this section as the entry point beside the horse stable is already closed-off.

We stopped at the Taman Rimba Alam rest area for a toilet stop and refreshed ourselves before continuing on.
Got To Restaurant Darussalam in Presint 14 at 25K mark and in about 5 hours of walking.

It was time for lunch!
After lunch and restocking our drinks from KK Mart (they're having promo price for some drinks such as Karta Coconut water), we headed off to Taman Botani and managed another 5K making it a total of 30K at that point.

After making a 5K loop around Taman Botani, we made our way towards the Core Island.
Getting to 40K mark and we got time for some horse-playing at this kiddie pool. No one was there so we got the pool all to ourselves. Hihihi
45K mark. Hubby met an ex-colleague and had a chat.

I was tempted to sleep while waiting for him. LOL
Finally, at 7:34pm, we finished our 50K (it was 50.20K actually).

It took longer than expected due to my right ankle but I was glad I soldiered on and I was glad that by taking it really, really easy I didn't make the ankle injury worse.


  1. It's great you completed in spite of your ankle. Hope it is better now. Nice sandals by the way :)

  2. while enjoying reading your account on the run, i actually enjoy looking at the photos!!

    this Mak Glam and Pak Kura sure know what to pose best for the photos!! the Strike-For-The-Pose Couple they are!!

    hehehehe ^^

  3. Muahahahaha! I had a good laugh at Pak Kura drinking water like a Horse!


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