The Irish-Malaysian Connection At MIAA's Shamrock Run

I had fun today. A really, really fun day running in a fun run with my family and friends at Shamrock Run which was held in Taman Botani, Putrajaya.

The route took us around Taman Botani which has lots of small hills, shady areas and nice plants to look at.
But for me, the highlight of the run was post-race.

The Shamrock Run 2016 didn't have prizes for the best or fastest runner but they had 40 best dressed prizes and lucky draw prizes too!

The event tee had a leprechaun featured on it and the medal is also of a leprechaun for the Irish connection. Plenty of runners were seen sportingly dressed in costumes with Irish motives. 
Then there were the post-race refreshment.

From the usual fare of Milo, 100-Plus and water to cans of Malta drinks and apples to freshly cooked bihun!
And an abundance of free flow soft serve ice cream!
I also was lucky to win a rice cooker from the lucky draw! Yeay!

It was a really fun non-competitive run and what a great way to spend the Saturday morning.


  1. indeed!! the post-race refreshments were a hit!!

    beehoon cooked on the spot and unlimited supply of soft serve I-scream!! I like!!!

  2. wah Mak Glam always so lucky dei..

    this rice cooker sure comes in handy..

    1. Nice to use in office, if I wanna follow your style :)

  3. Congrats on winning the rice cooker... Me also no luck when it come to lucky draw...

  4. new rice cooker! I would say that the best refreshment was the free flow soft serve ice cream hee..hee..

  5. guys so pampered by the organiser!! How I wish SG races are like that too. It's always the same old thing here...100+, bananas, rub gel and water. That is all. Perhaps that's the different of races between MY and SG.

    1. That's why must come run here too, Chris. ;)

  6. Lucky woman!!
    Finally get to wish you Happy 2016! haha...

  7. Congratulations Mak Lina.

    The Chinese always believes the rice cooker is always important. I call it a welcome bonus to the family to start the good year.


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