Pre-Departure Night At Hotel Sri Langit

I ran in KUL Marathon two Sundays ago, and since it was held at KLIA, we decided to put ourselves up in a hotel nearby instead of traveling back and forth for the race kit collection on Saturday then back again on Sunday.

Hotels near and around KLIA area (Sepang, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Nilai) is not exactly budget hotel priced cheap but one still can get a room for under RM200 per night. In comparison, Sama Sama Hotel which is just a stone throw away from the Main Terminal Building of KLIA has rooms at around RM500 - RM600 upwards. Gasps.

We selected Hotel Sri Langit because of its aviation themed rooms which is certainly something that set it apart from other budget hotel.
At the lobby.

Nice touch of using airline style chairs.
The corridor leading to the rooms.

In, it mentioned that some rooms have access to Hotel Sri Langit's Executive Lounge. Do not book a premium room if you want to use that facility. The Executive Lounge at 1st Floor has now been turned into a store. The gym there is still in use. There's two treadmill and a punching dummy (or something) in the gym.
We requested for a twin bed room and after being asked to wait, we were given this room. Adui.

Hubby wanted to change but we decided to let it go.

Maybe all the twin rooms are allocated for the Indonesian Umrah travel group lah.

Cleanliness is a bit iffy here. I would advice parents to not let their kids roll around on the carpeted floor. Seriously.
The bathroom area. The shower door seemed to be slightly on the "mau rosak" side but we love the shower here.

Nice pressure and so syioklah take shower here.
Amenities provided.

Mineral water.
3-in-1 coffe mix.
Shower cap & cotton bud.

No mini bar (empty or filled) here.

There's a cafe next to the lobby and also a convenience store.

A mamak shop is located right across the hotel.

Other than that, and a few other budget hotels around the area, the area is pretty quiet.

But since our main objective was for me to avoid waking up at midnight just to travel to KLIA to run a 25km in KUL Marathon; this hotel pun bolehlah...


  1. For a one night stay I think I can bear with the room. But not with kids along. Lol.

    1. Yeah, but I think kids will like the hotel theme.

  2. Very practical solution. One night only, so just make do lah, kan. I also like shower with strong water pressure. My house punya so hopeless :(


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