Son's 18th Birthday Treat

Our Son celebrated his 18th birthday earlier this month. I guess, thank goodness for the CMCO (well, one does have to look at the bright side), we got to celebrate it with him instead of him being in campus.

He's due to return to campus soon and sit for his semester exam in 2 weeks' time!

He received a chocolate/flower bouquet from his aunt.
Our birthday present for him.
We treated him for a birthday lunch at Croutons by Gourmet Seduction, a cafe located nearby our home. 

We had his birthday party at this same cafe last year with his aunts, uncles and cousins but of course, this being the CMCO, we decided not to have any party yet...

He had his Pink Pasta (pasta with salmon in pink sauce).
Hubby ordered Club Sandwich.
While I had Fish and Chips that came out piping hot! Yums!

It was a nice lunch for the three of us, can't go wrong with this cafe.


  1. Wow! manchester united fan! Glory~glory Man United.

    Anyway Happy 18th Birthday. :D

  2. Happy Birthday to your young man!

  3. Food looks so good. Happy birthday to your son! You all are driving up to send him back to school?


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