Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Trip To Ikea

We love going to Ikea, even if we have no intention to buy anything. Although I have to say, going to the huge furniture store usually made me buying things that I originally have no intention in buying in the end - small stuff like pots, plants, cookwares, rugs, etc.

Raimie loves to play at the play area and usually we left him there while Zaini and I browsed around the store.

I like to go on weekdays instead of the weekends because the crowd at Ikea during the weekends can be crazy. Don't you agree?
At the checkout. We got ourselves a wardrobe and a drawer unit.

Another reason to visit Ikea: eating cheap hot dogs and the curry puffs.
Bought half a dozen of these for RM5.50
Granted, nothing outstanding about the hot dogs, but we love the all-you-can-take/eat condiments there. And the free refill of soft drinks too!
The first hot dog was mine. The ugly, messy one in the second photo was Zaini's.
Raimie, happy with his second hot dog of the day.

As always, a visit to Ikea would not be complete if we didn't venture to the Curve next door; not to mention a visit to Daiso! No need to go all the way to Japan to buy Japanese stuff & souvenirs - just buy them at Daiso, and say you bought them in Japan! LOL


  1. alamakkk ikea.. memang sgt seronot bejalan2 ke sana. aku, bejalan2 je ye.. takde makna nak sopping2 sini. pengsannnnn..

  2. eh bad.. lupa plak, celebrate mother's day kat ikea ka?? dpt adiah apo?? reveal la kat sini.

    Happy mother's day ye bad?? muah2, moga happy2 slalu n moga jadi ibu yg baik untuk Raimie. tp aku tau ko mmg baik..

  3. Have never tried the food in Ikea before. Must do that one fine day.

  4. @Dot,
    Takdo hadiah ape. Dpt bunga tulip mcm biasa & Zaini masak semlm. Dari Raimie, dpt kad yg dia duk buat hari2 minggu lepas. :D

  5. @Mei Teng,
    Nothing special about the hot dog & curry puff but they are cheap.
    The food at the cafeteria OTOH is quite nice. I like the salmon there and Raimie loves the meatballs :)

  6. I think Ikea tends to do that to people. Even when wifey and me have no intention of buying anything from Ikea to begin with, somehow we'll always end up buying something. That place is evil I tell you ... LOL!

  7. @Nick,
    I agree with you. Ikea will suck you in and won't let you go, LOL

  8. Okay, that is just getting me hungry and I just finished lunch.

  9. Hi Lina! share some of those yummy treats you got!

    i finally saw a nearer daiso here but not so near still

  10. i wont tell anybody u didnt buy them in Japan hehe

  11. I love Ikea too....even my husband loves it....we also love the cheap food there esp. the meatballs...we have one located about 4 miles away from our place.

  12. @Ayie,
    Better the outlet not be too near to you. You might spend a lot there! :D

  13. @Bengbeng,
    Deal... hihi

  14. @Bingkee,
    Ooooh.. you make me crave for some meatballs right now. :D

  15. Messy or not those hotdogs still looks tempting to me :)

  16. oh ikea is not too near here...too bad i alwys get catalog with free meal coupon

  17. Haha! You are another victim of IKEA! Yes, that's the secret why IKEA is so successful despite having not so high quality products - people still go there to buy, buy, buy!!

  18. Why Zaini's hotdog so messy one? Haha!

  19. Yeah, I also like the all-you-can-take condiments for the hotdog! Feel like going for the hotdog now!! LOL!

  20. @Ayie,
    I like poring over the catalog and fantasize what to buy to put in our home. :D

    The Ikea here is not that near from our home too and I guess that's a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, I'd probably visit Ikea every weekend!

  21. @foong,
    I'm a willing victim surrendering to the temptation of Ikea. My house is 70% furnished of Ikea stuff! I even participated in a focus group about Ikea a few year back. LOL

    Zaini's hot dog? As he said, he is Malaysian. So, being one - have to put everything on the hot dog and put in liberal amount too!



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