Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Baby, A Wedding And A Funeral

Some happy news for people around me and one sad news too....
A friend (the gal in the middle) is now in the hospital, due for delivery of her first baby anytime. She was induced this morning, and at last check, she was 2cm dilated. All the best to her!

Maybe there'll be baby photos here soon. :)
Another friend got married last Sunday. I didn't attend the lunch reception that was held after the church wedding because it was held at a non-halal restaurant. So, no photos of her wedding from me.

Ai Thing & Sing Khai - congratulations on your wedding! 

They sure make a lovely couple. don't they?

My sis, who works in the Ministry of Finance got an Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang award. Congrats sis!

She's also expecting her first baby soon! Another cousin for Raimie. ^-^

Though for one friend, it is a sad week. Her father-in-law passed away on Monday after battling illness for some time. My condolences to you and family, Anitha. I didn't attend the funeral - wasn't too sure how it was for a Hindu funeral rite.


  1. Wah...good things and bad things happen us. But for your sister? congrats!

  2. A string of congrats to the people respectively and condolence to your friend.

    I guess Raimie is excited in waiting the arrival of his baby cousin :-)

  3. Hey I see you and your sis look alike :)

  4. @Willie,
    That's life.

    Thanks. Proud of my sis. :)

  5. @Dora,
    He's actually ambivalent about any new arrival to the family. LOL

  6. @Mei Teng,
    Really? I guess so. I know we have similarities in our temperament though. ;)

  7. So much events!

    you have very nice smile there...looks so so happy!



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