Monday, 12 July 2010

Banci Malaysia 2010

The 5th Banci Malaysia or Population and Housing Census 2010 is in full steam right now. Have any of the enumerators came visiting you yet? 

We had it done on Saturday, the first time for us to do it in this house. 

The 5th Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2010 is estimated to see the population numbers increase by 1.3% compared to the 2000 census.The census was first conducted in 1963 and takes place every 10 years. This year, it would involve 28.3 million Malaysians and 7.5 million houses. The number of survey officers involved is 29,000.

The 5th Census is also the first time an online census system being implemented. We had thought of using the online system, but the enumerators beat us to it. They were way more efficient (and we procrastinate way too much). LOL 


  1. Doing it online is a great option. Thanks for the headsup.

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Doing it with the enumerators are easy too. The two who came to our area were really hardworking and competent.

    My neighbor wasn't around during the weekend, and the two came like 5 times over the two days, even came at night! Talk about being tenacious with their job!

  3. We had our census done on May, but I don't know about the final result. I think it's around 230 million.

  4. Btw, it's so funny to know that we have many similar words but totally different meaning. Banci here means transvestite, so at first I thought you were talking about a drag-queen contest, lol.

  5. No one visited me yet.

  6. @Evan's Mom,
    Wow! 230 million! Have to shift one decimal point for Malaysia to reach that number! :D

    I only knew about the meaning of "Banci" in Indonesian recently when I googled up info about Malaysian Banci. "Interesting" to know.

  7. @Mei Teng,
    My FIL in Bangsar yet to be visited by anyone yet either. I guess we had it done early because our close proximity to Putrajaya? :)

  8. I'm still waiting for them. No sign of them yet : )

  9. We finished our census thingie months ago =)

  10. population cencus 2010 duration from 6th July 2010 until 22nd August 2010.
    enumerator will come to your house or you can call 1800-88-7828 or surf to

  11. The one came to my area passed the form to my neighbour and asked my neighbour to inform us that he will come by to pick up on the next morning. the form is to be hang at the gate so he can pickup.
    This is really a not a way to do it as the informations filled in the form can be pickup by anyone and possibilities of break in or kidnapping will follow. who is to be responsible if break in happen?
    i would say the enumerator who did our area is very irresponsible and didn't use his brain to think before taking such action.

  12. i am surprised about cencus 2010 which i and my family were not contacted by enumerator in my area.Things passed without our knowledge and we were surprised recently that one of our relative who is a mca politic member told us that it was a common thing that many of the enumerators were just did it easily and many were being left out.This is a very irresponsible way of accepting the pay and did a poor job.



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