Monday, 30 May 2011

Niece's 1st Birthday

On Saturday, we attended our niece's birthday party over at Rasamas Restaurant in Serdang. I have plenty of nieces (and one nephew) running around now! LOL

Celebrating a baby's first birthday is always a special occasion, right? 
 The birthday girl. She was a tad grumpy earlier because she just woke up. Now, she's all smiles and giggly.
 Birthday girl with her Barbie cake. Beautiful cake and equally delicious one too!
The chow. This being Rasamas, so it was chicken feast for everyone!

Gotta keep track of all nieces and nephews birthdays now. If only they have FB account, then I would get prompting when their birthday is approaching! XD When is the next birthday celebration in the family? July, if I'm not mistaken.


  1. oh really, all nieces and only one nephew?? hmmm, guess must be very close with raimie then~~

  2. wow, that is a very nice cake!! especially the doll, i am sure all your nieces were eyeing on that.. so that's a jelly cake??

  3. never had birthday celebrated in rasamas, i thought McD would be more preferable by the kids?? ahah~~ :D

  4. @SK,
    It was at Rasamas because both parents work with KFC Holdings. XD

    Baby's 1st birthday is attended by mostly adults anyway, so might as well feed the adults! LOL

    No, it's chocolate cake. And a nice one too! :)

  5. Cute little thing :D Happy birthday to your niece :D

  6. Wow! Barbie cake? Looks special! But taste nice too? Yummy! I want a slice! : )

  7. So many nieces? So will you be celebrating birthdays every month? : D

  8. happy birthday to your niece.

  9. @foog
    Cannot!Finish oredi! LOL

    Not that many nieces yet lah.... hahaha

  10. @LR,
    Thanks! :)

    1st birthday parties are always special and exciting for families. ^^

  11. Wow that's a great birthday cake! It looks like the barbie doll is all icing? Birthday gel sure looks very happy :)

  12. @jellybelly,
    because the party was at night, birthday girl wanted to sleep instead of partying. XD

  13. nice bday...

    visiting thru tbe, hope to hear from u on my post:



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