Friday, 26 July 2013

Seventeenth Day of Ramadan. Of Clashing Events And Priorities

This is the year of road races postponement and clashing events. EPIC!

The month of September will be a havoc month for runners. My birthday month. ^^

There's River Jungle Marathon on Sep 1st for me. It's supposed to be my third full marathon after Malaysia Women Marathon and Borneo International Marathon (BIM) but BIM got postponed to August due to the General Election.

I'm hoping to join Pacesetter's Back to Basics 30K run on Sep 8th, which made my decision not registering for the popular Men's Health & Shape Night Run on Sep 7th a good call.

Sep 15th will be crazy! Remember my post about Live Great Run appreciation dinner? I got free VIP registration to join the run. I had also registered for CICM Responsible Care run, a 21K run in Putrajaya. Then, the McD Olympic Day Run which was supposed to be held on June 23rd was postponed due to haze had now been confirmed to be held on the same day as the other two races on Sep 15th.
Just imagine, I registered for 3 races that are now going to be held on the same day!

I'd love to do the 21K run as that's my favourite distance but Raimie had been looking forward to run the McD Run so I'll forgo the other races and run with my family that day. I can always run half marathons any other week but it is not often I run with the family. There is more to running than getting a finisher t-shirt, you know. Heh.

Then, on Sep 29th Standard Chartered KL Marathon will be back! New date after being postponed from June 30th due to... you guessed it. HAZE! A 21K for Mommy and a 2.5K Kids' Dash for Son.

For those who will run every week in September - from short distances, to half-marathons, to full marathons to Ultra races; ALL THE BEST. Stay injury free!

Here's a summary of what will be in store for September for runners. Some of them anyway :

Sep 1 : River Jungle Marathon, Kidney Charity Run, Larian Menara KOMTAR
Sep 7 : IEM Engineer's Run, Men's Health & Shape Night Run, Tropicana Golf Course Nite Race
Sep 8 : Pacesetter's Back to Basics 30K
Sep 14 : SP Half Marathon Kedah, TMBT Ultra
Sep 15 : CICM Responsible Care Run, Great Eastern Live Great Run, Jog for Hope, McDonald's Olympic Day Run
Sep 16 : Oren Sport Run
Sep 21 : IMU Chariofare Run
Sep 22 : Reebok One Challenge
Sep 28 : Larian Jambatan Sultan Mahmud
Sep 29 : Standard Chartered KL Marathon

The races in lime are the ones I've registered except Pacesetters B2B which I really want to join but it is not open for registration yet. 


p.s. You haven't seen what's in store of October yet! hur hur


  1. Replies
    1. Says the gal who ran 50k last week. Or was it more? ;-)

  2. Lina, have you done the Pacesetters B2B? Ok tak? Macam agak tertarik nak cuba... tapi erk, never done more than 22k, how lah. Should I?

    1. Tak pernah. Aizat did it last year to prepare for PBIM.

      30k tetiba maybe too much? Takmo tunggu Newton? Ke pegi holiday?

      But hey! Why not eh? Jom jom

      I'll use pacesetters run as my training mileage for PNM babe.

    2. Unless I do some gentle mileage increments after Raya, ok tak? Haha. Ambitious bukan main.

      Ok nanti aku pikir2kan, weekend tu memang tak register apa, ingatkan nak lari kat Tropicana GCR tu konon at first, hehe.

    3. Semangat!

      You turning into a race whore too? Heh heh :-D

      Ok la kot...

      Minah, ko semangat ni... Ada secret full marathon ke apa? :-D

    4. Eh, who isn't a race whore these days? Aku rasa kau lagi bigger whore tak dari aku? At least aku takde register 3 races on the same day! :P

      Mana ada secret marathon! Pfft <-- reaction ala Nannoor

    5. Bwahaha Ops! ;p

      Babe, you can do it lah!

      Anyway, it's good training. Mental kalau nak buat LSD 30K kalau tak...

    6. Fairy: B2B last year was held in Pdg Merbok, KL and the route was consist of 2 loops of 15KM... It was my first 30km run... Quite mental la, but the runners took it as a LSD Sunday Run... Hassle free, you should try this year coz the finisher tee was way bettee than last year's... Mihmihmih...

      Kak Lina: Looks like I'll be doing back2back events on that week... Die die have to run for the limited medal n Black finisher tee... Kiasu much... O_o

      Best of luck for your RJM... I'll be running snail pace on that day after BIM the week before... Recovery LSD la nampaknya... No wonder you r looking forward to run in September, B'Day month rupanya... ;D

    7. Tahun ni kat Puchong so maybe tak buat loop kan? Less mental. I wonder if they are using the Newton route. Mampos hills. Hahaha

      Aizat joining both the Men's Health & Pacesetter? All the best!

      Fairy pun sama dasat. PNM + KOTR B2B tu.


  3. Oh, help. Something tells me I need to rev up my zebras' training program ...

    1. Don't worry. The zebras won't have trouble keeping pace. I run like a tortoise. ;p

  4. Replies
    1. Needs to blame those who cause the haze and those who seems to be unable to control it!

  5. So many races in a month! SO you are joining at least 5 of them?!!

    1. Confirm will run 4. 5 will be a bonus. 6 will be crazy. LOL

  6. hmmm because of the haze everything seemed to go haywire huh?? and i heard the haze is probably still not going to an end until September, another round of postponement then?? haha~~

  7. well, that's an epic 15th September huh?? three of the races chose that day itself?? huhuhuhu, is that an auspicious day actually?? must find out later..

    1. Because 16th is Malaysia Day? ;)

  8. there are runs every weekend in September!! and i see you actually have a two week break between Sept 15th and 28th, perhaps you should consider something in between since you have to give up 2 on Sept 15th.. :)

    1. Itu both my birthday and Zaini's birthday week la.

      Take a rest la...

      Do other form of exercise and bond pulak. *ehem*

  9. anyway, looks interesting that you are going to have a fun-filled September.. and oh, i suddenly recall, that Sept 21 is intentionally skipped because of a very important day to you?? hehehe~~ must be la!! :D

    1. 21st not so special.

      23rd must jaga though.


      SK has very good memory. :)

  10. Dalam kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi.
    Dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa.
    Hidup ini terasa indah jika ada maaf.

    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan kepada Mak Lina dan sekeluarga.

    1. ehem

      Bunga terangkai terikat tali
      Lama dipandang indah sekali
      Biarpun Ramadan tak habis lagi
      Semoga saya jadi yang pertama mengucapkan mohon maaf setulus hati

  11. You are such a busy lady with runs. I believe you can do it well. Stay fit and run well. All the best!

    1. Thanks Wenn.

      I join them to keep fit and have loads of fun. :)

  12. With the haze coming back, you should have some alternate activities planned :)

    1. Errrr No.

      I live dangerously! LOL

      Seriously though, I'm hoping for the best and hope the haze will be gone by Sep!

  13. Yayyy, looks like I'll b having my unofficial photog during RJM and B2B Run in September... Feeling super excited and looking forward for a glorious September, the Bornday month of Mama Bunny Glamourama...

    Pasti sambutan hari lahir Kak Lina n Abg Zaini gilang gemilang terbilang nanti... Happy bonding, eh! ;P

  14. Superb! But I don't think I can run fast like before.

    1. Hi Willie!

      It's been yesrs since last seen you here. ^^

      No matter if we can't run as fast as before.

      The main thing is we keep fit and healthy and happy. :-)



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