Sunday, 2 November 2014

SJMC Run 2014

was held in conjunction of World Diabetes Day in November and I suppose, SJMC's celebration of 30 years of excellence.

Two distances offered, 7K and 3K with Open and veteran category and the 3K open for all age groups. 
I registered for the 7K category while Hubby and Son were registered for the 3K Fun Run category. Mommy ran together with Son already the night before at MAKNA Founder's Run after all. ^^

We arrived about 15 minutes before the 7K flag-off and first order of business was collecting our race kits from a friend who helped collect it for us earlier. 
Thanks Amir!
Super heroes greeted runners at the Start arch. Hulk, Batman and Superman made an appearance too. They were certainly a hit amongst runners.

The flag-off for the 7K Open was a tad quiet and I just followed the crowd as everyone inches out and running towards the public road.

The first few hundred metres was OK but after about 900m(?) the inclines started, Not one, not two... but a whole lot of them! Fun! Hahaha
I coaxed myself into tackling all the hills by reminding myself this run served as my tempo run training though I know I started a wee bit too fast and "pancit" ed a bit towards the last 2K and got "pangkah"ed by my fellow GC runner buddies who effortlessly overtook me. 

We made u-turns a few time running the 7K route, but as with any hilly route, I kinda like u-turns and seeing faster runners on the other side of the road. Instead of feeling down seeing so many runners in front of me, I usually would scan these runners to see familiar faces to holler or wave. That actually took my mind off the pain of running uphill.

The route started from SJMC and it took us into the residential area and the last 1K+ was around the lakeside beside SJMC.

I've never visited the lakeside so I decided to slow down (excuses sajalah ni. Hehehe) and enjoy the view a bit.

Two water stations were available for 7K runners and one water station for 3K runners, both manned by super cheerful and friendly SJMC staff. Good job you all and thank you!
While Mommy huffed and puffed along the 7K route, the two boys enjoyed their 3K. Mommy is certainly happy to see Son all fresh and energetic even after doing a 5K the night before. :-)
It sure was nice to see parents running with their children. An early start is a good start, right?

Also inspiring to see some who did it despite struggling or with physical limitations. Like a lady who walked slowly, using an umbrella as her cane and support but still managed to finish her run (or walk). Walk or run, I respect the fact that everyone made the effort to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
A big clap and a pat on the back to everyone!
At the finish, we were greeted by Doctors and nurses, waiting to hand out medals.  ^^

Interesting sight, that. :)
Then, off I went to join the long queue for Milo, goodie bags, certs and also a chance to win something from the lucky dip. Son won a tumbler and I won a pedometer. 

The single queue for the refreshments and goodies was long but very orderly and move rather quickly. 
We lingered a bit and meet-up with other running buddies, take photos and wait for the prize giving ceremony.
Running doctors and a lawyer in da house. ^^
A buddy and her family won the surprise best dressed category with their unique running assemble. Congrats Gai!

All in all, a very fun morning.

Hope there'll be another SJMC Run next year. 

Good job for SJMC for organising this run. 

More photos of SJMC Run can be viewed here.


  1. It's amazing how you can run the night before and wake up fresh and energetic for another run the next day! Great job there Lina. A family that runs together, stays together :D

    1. It's just a short distance la. Hahaha

      Yeah, always nice to have a common interest to bind the family. :)

  2. Thor, Captain America and Iron Man!! wow, that's glamorous!!

    and it's great seeing Raimie in action with his signature gear.. :)

  3. Doctors and nurses giving away the medal, haha!! this is interesting..

    just wonder are they the real staff of the hospital or just volunteers who put in doctors robe??

    1. They are hospital staff who helped out during the run. :)

  4. mana your bunny ears? Raimie even have his trademark slug hat leh.

    Got Thor and the gang wor. Ahem eye candy? :p

    1. Go check my FB album la.... hahaha

  5. Wah, good lah your son is very active in runs now :) cute to have super heroes there too.

    1. He does it occasionally. Not often as there aren't many that caters for 12y.o. and below other than fun run types and I seldom join fun runs. Hahaha

  6. Ah ... This is my type of run. ..short distance.

  7. It would be great if the superheroes joined the run instead of just posing at the start :D

    1. This one didn't.

      But wait for this week's run. There will plenty of super heroes running.



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