Saturday, 11 July 2015

Kun Anta (Be Yourself) By Humood Alkhuder.

A song that I listen and motivates me at the moment. I think you would agree too, if you read the meaning in the clip.

It's a song that's been popular since... Apr this year? Trust me to only notice and enjoy this song late...  I'm slow like that. Hahaha

Parts that I like :

I will be myself
Just as I am able to
I don't need others to accept me
For me to be myself

What I want is
For myself
Not for others' approval.

The song also reminded us that we may have been influenced to follow others to be accepted and lose our own identity until we finally realise our own self-worth.


I think I will use this song as an anthem song when I do my ultra marathons in the future.


  1. if you are slow then I guess I am stagnant!! I have not even heard about this song before, haha..

    yes, agree with being ourselves, just like the tag line of my blog (advertise a bit here, hihihi):- live as u may, be who u r


  2. Honestly you have a very strong character and determination which I respect a lot.
    I am glad you found a song with motivational lines to keep you going.



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