15 Days Into Ramadhan

I'm not going to talk about fasting or any ibadah I do during the fasting month. I've already blogged about fasting and the challenges one may face during this Holy month in previous years and I don't think I want to repeat myself.
Truly, for many of us; apart from not eating during the day, the fact that I get to go off from work an hour earlier (and clock in to work an hour earlier too), have busier nights due to terawih prayers or baking raya cookies or whatever, life remains pretty much the same. Right?
And it's the same with training. With Standard Chartered KL Marathon and Putrajaya Night Marathon looming in a few months time, many do need to continue with their training.
I train. I still run. Most times before buka puasa (iftar) and during weekends, in the wee hour of the morning before sahur. Adjustment.
There is no big deal about training in this fasting month, actually. Adjust accordingly. That's all.
Granted, my training runs so far isn't all that great but better than nothing, right? For now, I'm trying to be consistent and not be too lazy. Hur hur
I took it easy on the first week of puasa as I just completed Back 2 Endurance run the Sunday before.

The Saturday run was done around the core island of Putrajaya before buka puasa and then my family & I buka puasa, picnic style. I blogged about it, remember? :)

Just really short runs during the weekdays last week but I managed to slot in a tempo run on Saturday morning and then do a 21K later at night with a couple of walk training up the hill of my housing area during the day. ^^

I am doing better (I think) this week but now I have a headache on how I'm putting in my 29K long run. The options now is:
1. Start at 1am, finish before sahur on Saturday hoping that I won't get too stuffed to run as I'll be heading for a buka puasa at Cititel Hotel on Friday. Hahaha
2. Splitting the runs into two sessions - morning and night. We'll be heading for an Ultra training clinic on Saturday night and probably I can do a 15K at the most after the clinic.
We see how lah. Splitting the runs is not desirable but at least I'll be putting some mileage, and doing it that way can simulate running with tired legs. I will have two running sessions in my training soon so maybe I'll do it if I can't do that long run of mine on Saturday morning.
We see how lah.
Either way, I'm excited for the weekend to arrive. Don't you?


  1. You are very determined and strong woman. You can do it!!

    Look forward to the weekend too. ;)

    Selamat berpuasa to you, Lina.

  2. yes, when there is determination, anything also can overcome.

    Two big events in the near future. Jiayoh.

    woi....durian buffet again ka at hotel.....drooooooollll

    1. Boulevard Hotel got durian. Cititel doesn't have though. :P

  3. Where there is a will, there is a way and fasting should not stop you from training. Me too looking forwards to the weekend. Feeling pooped right now.

  4. yeah, life still goes on no matter how..

    and I am sure Mak Glam has no issue coping with just a little adjustments..

    1. Life is about adjusting, right? Hihi

  5. Life is NOT the same in Penang though. Especially those second bridge contractors decided to close off part of the main road even during peak hours since this week. The traffic becomes a nightmare, especially for people who are rushing to berbuka. I now stay in the office until 7PM to do my part with making the roads less jam :/

    1. Why the close? Remedial construction?

    2. They are building flyovers to bypass the industrial zone to the bridge, their progress reached the area where they need to close off roads, which I think is bad timing to happen this month :(

  6. Amazing! Last week, I had a muslim cleaner who came to my home for a 4-hr cleaning job. He told me he was fasting when I offered him drinks. I was so impressed cause I'll probably be too weak to do anything. Lol!

  7. Goodness! You are really an Iron Lady to consider starting at 1:00am!
    I always salute your determination to keep going and achieve your goals during the fasting month every year! Lina believes in NO EXCUSES!

  8. How times flies, 15 day into Ramadhan liao...


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