Leave Planning

Been really good and had not taken any annual leave of more than 2 days so far this year but I need to apply for a whole lot for Aug and September!

A wedding at the end of August and we'll be heading to Kuantan to attend it.

The week after, Hubby and I will be heading to Merapoh in Pahang for The Magnificent Merapoh Trail run. A 3D2N run plus camping to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Hahaha

And then, a nice week plus vacation from Malaysia day holiday to Hari Raya Haji.

Sure hope my boss won't be making too much noise when I start applying all those leave because they are almost a week apart each!


  1. Raya just over and you already planning your leave. Haha. But look like you did not take any leave this year. Better take it fast.

  2. My leaves have already almost fully use...

  3. leave planning is a happy thing to do especially if you are going on vacations..

    so just a total of 7 days?? hehe.. better quickly go apply before it's too late~~

    hihihihi ^^

  4. Quick quick take the leave before other's plan to take leave also...

  5. You should apply earlier, in batches and separately, eg this month you apply leave for Tuesday and Wednesday, then next month apply for Thursday, the following month Friday. Then he would not notice it! XD

  6. Since you have not taken any leave of more than 2 days, your boss will likely oblige. After all you need to clear your leave before year end, right? Good luck!

  7. I applied for the first two days already and it's just approved. Yeay! Hahaha

    I probably apply for the Sep ones next week. Hihihi


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