Korean, Coffee And Beatles

I needed to collect some tickets at Mid Valley last night so we decided to have dinner there.
And it's back to our favourite Korean joint - Ko Hyang!
 I chose the dolsot bibimbap this time instead of my usual soon dobu jigae.
 Hubby ate la bokki which is teokbokki with noodles and veges.
While Son wanted to try the jajang myeon.
As I was meeting someone later at 8.30pm, we decided to lepak at Borders first and did some reading.

And look what I found! Another book to read, just nice to get one as I've just finished reading Adharanand Finn's Way of the Runner last weekend. 
Then we lepaked at McD just below GSC and enjoyed some coffee.
 The reason for all this waiting?

To collect my VVIP tickets to attend the Let It Be musical at Plenary Hall, KLCC this Saturday! *happiness*

Thank you AC Music Entertainment for the double pass. :)

Promo a bit lah... although tickets are selling out fast. Anyone wants to see the musical can head to :
http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/en/current-events/let-it-be-a-celebration-of-the-music-of-the-beatles-part-ii for tickets purchases. Hurry ya.


  1. Your Korean dinner is nice. Long time I did not pick a book to read. Lazy me.

    1. Dinner was indeed very nice. :)

  2. I like to makan bibimbap. Now see yours lagi wanna eat :)

    1. Come, come. Eat bibimbap. :)

  3. Beatles Concert? I'm sure you'll have fun there! xoxo

    1. YES! Looking forward to it too! :)

  4. Wow..got VVIP tickets some more! So nice! I like Beatles too, still singing their songs till today.. I mean karaoke! hehehee

    1. You would have fun at the musical. :)


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