Friday, 10 March 2017

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Stellavingze

On Wednesday; with the invitation from Stellavingze, I had the chance to celebrate the International Women’s Day together with other women in the Lembah Pantai area.
International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year and it commemorates the movement for women’s rights. For 2017, the theme is: BE BOLD FOR A CHANGE
With that, the Guests of Honour for the night were indeed formidable women who blazed through stereotypes and bold enough to make a change in the society.
We started the night’s forum with Tan Sri Datin Sei Hajah Zaleha Ismail, the Chairman of Yayasan Suara Wanita (YASNITA).

She reminded us that we, as women have the power to mould our future generation. She shared with us tales on how she raised her son to be ambitious and well-educated.

For her, women in this age are very lucky as we are empowered by education to make a change. A woman is able to influence the future generation and raise them as well.

She ended her speech with a message to all women to take care of their health, gain knowledge and have a well-balanced and active lifestyle because those are women’s most important assets.
Next was Datin Azizan Hj Shariff, Chairman of Majlis Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga, Parlimen Lembah Pantai.

As Chairman of Majlis Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga, Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Datin Azizan stressed on the importance of having a strong principle and sincerity in discharging her duties towards the community and also her family.

She advised women who are leaving the workforce to have skills and know-how of business so that they can supplement their family’s income. For working women, her advice was to have time to meet with family members and friends and have a closer ties with them.

Lastly, she reminded women to always have patience, faith and also to take care of their health.
Datin Noor Faezah Mohd Ashref who is the Vice President of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang was the next speaker.

She started her forum with saying that women are great because of all the responsibilities that they shoulder; towards their family, career and also community. She added that women are able to stand tall and strong, supporting others, educate them and motivate them; especially for those who are in need.
Lastly, we had Ms Wee Siew Ling, the Managing Director of Stellavingze International.

For her, being a busy working mom; time management is important and she has to juggle between family, career and also time for her own. She admitted that she usually sacrifices her own time for others.

However, she said that it is not impossible for a woman to handle all the responsibilities handed to her if she knows how to handle her time management well.

She quoted Datuk Stella Chin’s: the founder of Stellavingze International:

(+) Women’s happiness = (+) Love, (-) Hate/Anger, (X) Gratitude, (/) gossip

She used the formula for her 13 year long career and found herself much happier.

She also urged women to join Stellavingze International and found happiness through a balanced lifestyle.
She ended her speech with an advice: Women are like water, able to fit in through any adversity but never test a woman because even the calm ocean can launch a tsunami!

For more information on Stellavingze International and also about Stellavingze Guiding Star and Stellavingze Smart Star, visit their website at


  1. I wanna laugh so hard at the advice never to test a woman!!! I am thinking about my wife la. She is younger, faster, tougher and smarter than me... -sweats-

    1. Your wife is indeed a wonder womab, Anay!



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