A Pre-Powerman Dinner

It was the night before Powerman Malaysia 2017 (race recap here) and I wanted to eat something "light" or rather non-spicy.
Actually, I wanted to eat salmon so best option was to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant, Miyagi which is located in Bandar Baru Bangi.
 But when we got there, it was Hubby who had salmon. Salmon teppanyaki.

RM37.10 (sudah naik harga a bit dy...)
 And I suddenly decided to eat sanma fish pulak.

Not as nice as the ones I've had in Japan, but passable lah. And still kenyang. Plus it's much cheaper than the salmon sashimi set that I wanted to eat initially; at RM28.62. Hahaha
 Son wanted to eat soba so he ordered the Zaru Soba (RM21.20).
He ordered this a few times before so it must be good. ^^
A nice dinner with the family, and as a pre-reward for my Powerman Relay the next day. Hahaha


  1. Very nice family dinner. A great start to the race :)

  2. Got pre-reward means will have post-reward too right?

    I'm not like your son. I'm not a huge fan of soba. Never understood them I'm afraid. If I feel like mi Jepun, it will be ramen, always.

  3. Quite sometimes didn't eat soba, see the soba makes me crave for it, hehe...

  4. My son also like cold soba. Don't know why.

  5. Wah!!! Even pre-Powerman dinner is complete and delicious.


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