#IWillBeOkay Fight Against Depression Hike At Kiara

Through Fiona of Street-Love.net and Modern-Mavens.com, I came to know about the "Fight Against Depression" awareness campaign and its Bukit Kiara Trail Hike on Mar 11th, 2017.

The hike is the third campaign for "Fight Against Depression" after a t-shirt line for the first campaign in May 2016 and later the Beauty Bag campaign in Dec 2016.

All proceeds from the t-shirt line goes to All Women's Action Society (also known as AWAM) and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the lovely beauty bag filled with many excellent beauty goodies is used to fund future campaigns, events, donations, etc. Fiona does not take any profit from the sale from the two campaigns.
And now, we come to the third phase of #IWillBeOkay "Fight Against Depression" Awareness campaign and this time it's a hike at Bukit Kiara.

Registration for the hike was free and only limited to 40 participants.

A "smallish" event but was very well organized.
Fiona and her crew of pacers and sweepers for the hike.

Participants were grouped into two groups. Those who want to run/jog and another group for those who want to hike. For each group there were lead pacers and sweepers and they really ensured that everyone is accounted for, safe and sound during the hike.

Thumbs up.
At one of the re-group point.

Participants used the time to take plenty of photos and selfies while waiting for others. 
Sweepers for the hike group were also responsible to pick up markers put up for the #IWillBeOkay Bukit Kiara Hike.
After our 3.8km hike, we were treated with goodies from the event's supporters: PUMA, Meraki Kitchen and Sunplay.

So nice, right? We even got a lovely orange dri-fit event tee before our hike.
Enjoying a healthy breakfast from Meraki Kitchen after the hike. Yums!
It was a fun experience and a chance to get to meet others too. I even met a friend whom I haven't seen in ages! 

I googled up about fighting depression and read about 10 natural depression busters:
  1. Get in a routine
  2. Set goals
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Take on responsibilities (staying involved and have daily responsibilities)
  7. Challenge negative thoughts
  8. Taking supplements (but check with your doctor first!)
  9. Try something new
  10. Have fun
What do you think?

Being depressed is certainly not an easy feeling. Try to reach out and find help if you feel you are falling into one. Or try to reach out to help somebody who suffers from it.

Thank you Fiona for such a great campaign.

All the best for your future #IWillBeOkay "Fight Against Depression" campaign!


  1. Makan too many supplement also no good. He or she must step out and do some exercise.

    #7 very challenging too sometimes, people hard to gone through this..

    1. I am a believer of checking with doctors before taking any medication or supplements. Hence the (but check with your doctor first!)

  2. It's a good campaign. Depression is very crippling, been through it :(

  3. Depression is a scary thing. Love this kind of event to spread awareness! xoxo


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