KGB Burgers And Tokyo Marathon Souvenir

I had lunch with a running buddy today and we met at KGB Burger The Gardens Mall.

Another running buddy had eaten KGB Burgers the day before and the photos made us drool so we decided to make a visit too! 
Can you believe that it's my first time eating at KGB Gardens Mall outlet. I've visited the Bangsar branch before but not the one that is really nearest to me. LOL
As I love blue cheese, I chose the Sacre Blue burger. Grilled beef patties with crumbled blue cheese, crumbled Ritz and Buffalowing Aoili.

My friend Aiza (she took the photos of the menu and burgers. Thanks Aiza!) had Truffles Swiss. Grilled beef with sauteed Portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese, beef bacon, Truffle infuse & herbed ranch.

Another friend who ran in Tokyo Marathon in February had helped bought us some Tokyo Marathon souvenirs and Aiza and I did a cap exchange during lunch.

I wonder when I will wear my special cap? ^^

Thanks Aiza!


  1. How cool! When you are visiting Tokyo? xoxo

  2. I wanne try KGB burger one day. You love blue cheese? That one I can pengsan!

  3. I always love white caps. They make me look cool and younger lah! Hint Hint!

    Hey you are going to Tokyo again. Enjoy!!!


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