Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hamburgers & Chicken

I always make a point to splurge and enjoy good food after a good run. I wanted to celebrate my run at  Bukit Jalil Half Marathon as I was pretty happy with it despite it not being my personal best (PB).

Our initial plan was to head to Miyagi (as usual lah...) but the restaurant was fully booked the night that we went there. We decided to drive around and finally decided to have dinner at Wadihana Kitchen Steak House.
Hubby and I the Combo Sizzling and we chose to have beef & lamb patties (can choose chicken or beef or lamb) at RM19.90.
Son had the Nasi Goreng USA at RM14.90.
Portion was generous and price is affordable. But service at Wadihana is not what you call the most efficient there is lah...

We were already half way through our meal and our drinks have yet made its appearance!

Anyhoo, for 3 meals plus drinks (bandung cincau selasih, teh halia and sirap ais), the total was RM69.20.

Not bad lah.

Perhaps next time I'll try their salmon dish. ^^

The next day, I received a good news about a part-time job I applied with a Japan-based company and I got a 6-months contract with them (that reminds me, I must submit my details and consent forms ASAP!) so another makan to celebrate is in order lah...

Nowhere fancy, we just went to Nando's. 
Nando's is currently having this Mango & Lime Full Platter promotion (RM59.90) and we decided to have that.
Our two sides of choice that came with the Full Platter combo.

The sweet potato chips is soooooo sedap, I tell you.

It was nice to have something (or plenty of excuses) to celebrate and enjoy a nice makan session with the family, right?


  1. Lovely pampering. And what better than celebrate and enjoy with your loved ones.

  2. Any excuse to eat is a good excuse hee..hee... Nice or not the mango and lime flavor?

    1. Mango taste quite subtle.
      But chicken was really nice and moist.

  3. Awesome picks as always, my dear! xoxo

  4. Finish my dinner, but seeing the foods makes me hungry, hehe...

  5. Congratulations on that 6 months contract! Now you can try that salmon dish :D

  6. I always loved Nando's Pita Chicken with loads & loads of Flaming Hot Sauce to give me hiccups! LOLOL



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