Friday, 31 March 2017

KGB With The Family

I had a pretty nice lunch at KGB with my friend a few days earlier and when I ate at somewhere nice, I'd bring my family there for a treat too.
 Back to KGB on a Friday night and looking forward to the weekend! Yippee!
Our first order that arrived was the Magmar Sweet Potato Fries (RM17.50). The sweet potato fries are coated with salted eggs and cooked with curry leaves. It's a heavenly combo of creamy, sweet, salty and with a nice hint of the curry leaves. 

Absolute a WIN!
I ordered the usual - Sacre Blue. Look pretty harmless and boring, doesn't it? It packs a punch with the blue cheese in it. Nyum nyum.
Son had The Shack (RM14.50) which has Crust Seared Beef, Sharp Cheddar with Shack Sauce.
Hubby had KGB Spiked ((RM17.50) which has Crust Seared Beef, Sharp Cheddar, Crispy Beef Bacon and KGB Spicy Sauce.


  1. There is one KGB on the next street of my home. I love to eat them and it is so huge & sedap! Worth the price.

    1. Definitely sedap and worth the price. :)



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