Thursday, 2 March 2017

March Line-Up

Looking forward to March and a few activities already lined up for the weekend, after no races in February month.
Starting with Powerman this weekend.

Powerkids will be on Mar 4th, 2017 and Powerman on Mar 5th, 2017.
I'll join Fiona from and others for a 3K Hike the week after Powerman.

It's on Saturday, Mar 11th 2017 and the hike is in support of #IWillBeOkay campaign to raise awareness and Fight Against Depression. Link here.
And just like last year, a week after Powerman will be Bukit Jalil Half-Marathon on Mar 12th, 2017. I like the route hence the reason I signed up again for this rather low-key race.
I planned to join two more of SCKLM Runninh Clinics in March.

One will be on a weekday, on Mar 23rd which is a "Upgrading Distance" Clinic and another one in the weekend on Mar 26th.

I hope this time, mylaps will read all my loops! They missed out one loop last week so I had no timing for my 5th loop! Boohooo!

Better make sure I hear the "beep" sound when I cross the timing mat and if not, cross again lah! LOL

Son is busy too.

He's preparing for his PT3 this year and there'll be quite a number of extra classes sessions at school.

So, Mommy has to remind herself not to go over-excited and register to lotsa events and kacau Son's study time.


  1. Quite a schedule. All the best in your runs. And to your son who is sitting for PT3.

  2. Must control not to register too many events...hehehe.
    Wish Raimie all the best and good luck ya.

  3. Interesting post! Have a great week, dear! xoxo



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