Sunday, 19 March 2017

Random Photos

It's been a great month so far; emotionally, physically and financially.

I did two races so far in March, plus a hike.
The #IWillBeOkay Bukit Kiara Hike organised by Fiona, of
Photo credit : Seven Chiam Hooi See Photography
And a half-marathon at Bukit Jalil the next day. I finished with a 2:31 timing and although it's not a PB, I was happy with my run nonetheless.
Photo credit : Rany Tan
Powerman the week before was fun too. 
I even managed to fit in a session running to Bukit Cinta after work and bumped into a few GC running kaki.

Had some nice makan too, apart from the celebration of a good run; I received an outstanding payment of some jobs I had done. Finally, phew.

And two more payments which came really fast! I really do appreciate companies that respect people's work and not give lame excuses for holding payment.
Carl's Jr was a treat.

Cannot eat here too often. Premium burgers, wei! Haha
A nice makan at a place near our house too.

Simple, affordable but lovely because it's with the family. ^^

We have about two weeks left for March and then it's April!

April and May will be two busy months, in terms of running.

I have a few races to do and a couple where I'll be helping out instead of running.

And oh! We're taking a day off first Monday of April to attend Son's Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan! ^^



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