Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Teppanyaki For Dinner

Didn't know what to eat for dinner on Monday and after we ding-dong a few places (with hubby helpfully Whatsapping Shucks menu to me since he knew I wanted to eat oysters for the longest time); we finally made our way to Mid Valley's food court and had Teppanyaki.
They have Oyster set meal too! That was the clincher.
So I ordered the Oysters teppanyaki set (RM17.00) while the hubby and son ordered Slice Beef set (RM15.00)
The set came with a bowl of long grain, fragrant rice and soup (nope, not miso).
Teppanyaki chef in action, with our oysters and slice beef.
And the chef at the farther end was cooking our veges.
Looks rather unappetising, doesn't it? Wakaka
But boleh la... I like the vege.
Plenty of oysters too and generous portion. Just that the oysters didn't taste fresh.
Still, a good dinner.
And I feel that this Express Teppanyaki is much better deal than Mr. Teppanyaki.


  1. If everything is eaten hot and fresh, then surely sedap!! I like them cooking like this too... can catch a tip or two.. :)

  2. The is one Teppanyaki place at The Starling Mall. I belum cuba yet. After see this, gatal pulak wanna try LOL!

    1. Hope it'll be better than your chicken rice experience! :p

  3. Food court is like that one lah... Hard to expect very good stuff...

  4. Wah! Oyster overloaded! I like!!

  5. The whole serving looked mushy indeed.



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