Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Reasons To Visit My Hometown, Raub (Hint: Run There)

You should come and visit my hometown, Raub.

It's not that far from KL, it's about 1.5 to 2 hours drive (depending on how fast you drive and how Karak highway is).

It's only about 110km only, which for some runners I know, is a completely a runnable distance. Hey! Route 68 84km already brought you 3/4 way to Raub! You run farther down a bit, you get to stop at Kow Pow ice cream shop in Bentong town. Run farther down lagi, you'll see Lemang To'Ki (OK, actually got two outlets that I know of) and plenty of durian and nangka madu stalls. Run some more and you arrive to Raub dy!

You can make a detour and use the jalan lama to Sang Lee and stop by a number of resorts/glamping places there or simply test your skill at the winding route (with gaung next to the road for added thrill).
Welcome to Raub!

For nature lovers, there are plenty of attractions here. 
Ini Lata Lembik...
My personal favourite is the lata or waterfalls. There are Lata Lembik, Lata Jarum, Pulau Chekas, Lata Berembun and Jeram Besu.
From Raub, you can also travel to Cameron Highlands via Sg. Koyan and you can also use the alternative road to travel to Gua Musang (or to Merapoh for TMMT in August). ^^

The road to Cameron Highlands from Sg. Koyan look like this.

Can also opt to run from Raub to Cameron la, I think.
And for runners/cyclist apart from enjoying nature in Raub, there will be a race in September at SEMESTA.
SEMESTA is Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah, and the alumni of the school is having the event to raise funds for the school.

The route will through the kampung area and I bet, it'll be a wonderful experience. 

More info on the race and for registration:
Facebook page 

The event is also open to members of public and not limited to SEMESTA students and alumni.

Come lah, let's find what Raub can offer you.

I'll be posting more about what we can find in Raub later. ^^
Photo credit : http://akuanakpahang.blogspot.my
In the meantime, let's learn a bit of Pahang Barat dialect. ^^

And oh! Kacang goreng Sempalit is from Raub. Sempalit is in Raub and other than the kacang, there's also Kari Ayam Sempalit...

OK lah...better not divulge too much. Later, takde modal to put up more stories. LOL


  1. Honestly, I only visited Raub for the first time this year and loved its abundance greenery. Someone told me that the best durians, nangka madu and organic vegetables are from Raub. I replied that the best people and runners are from Raub too. Hihihihi

    I often eat at Rasta Raub at Uptown and their curries are very heavenly. Must ask them for Kari Ayam Sempalit.

    1. Come, come. Come visit Raub again, Anay. :)



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