Affordable Ramadan Buffet : The Quest For Nasi Arab - Safaa BBQ

We were in Cyberjaya last weekend and had thought of ordering food from Saba Restaurant, located right opposite D'Pulze shopping mall.

It had been rather a tradition for us to "tapau" food from this restaurant for buka puasa, at least once during the Ramadan month. 
Then we stumbled across this promotion at the restaurant next to Saba, Safaa Restaurant.

Quite affordable for a buffet dinner (heck, I'm not gonna dish out RM100 per person for buka puasa!) and unlike Saba's buffet priced at RM29.90, Safaa has lamb in the menu. Have to order ala-carte if want to eat lamb at Saba.

For around RM75 for us three, it would've been the same if we order our lamb mandy set anyway. 
We didn't intend to stuff ourselves silly anyway, and only took a 2nd serving afterwards. 

Food were replenished quite fast and it was pretty decent.

I have to say, quite good value for Arab food buffet.

Do make reservations as seats are limited.


  1. Looks good and the price is reasonable.

  2. Whoooaaa!! I am also attracted to this RM29.90 buffet. Damn cheap la. I agree with you that those RM100 and above prices are getting ridiculous unless we eat like Sumo wrestlers.

    1. Indeed.
      We mostly want to have the options for variety which buffets offer but not eat until tummy burst!

    2. I used to be drooling and crazy for buffets. After makan, sleepy and went home feeling terribly guilty & sinful for being greedy. LOLOL

  3. Amazing price for a buffet, dear! xoxo

  4. Reasonably priced buffet. Arab cuisine buffet. I would like to try.


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