Sahur At McDonald's - d'Grand Platter

Twice this Ramadan month, we had our sahur at McD. Just for the fun of it and for me to get my caffeine fix at McCafe because I do like their coffees. It's affordable and quite nice too.

Anyhoo, we tried their d'Grand Platter which is essentially a jacked up version of Big Breakfast. 
So seriously, nothing fancy la. I can cook it better at home buttttt since I wanna drink coffee and latte is included in the set of RM15, we ordered it anyway.

Talk about being  easy to con. LOL

But OK la. Got McMuffin, got eggs (sunny side up or scrambled), mushrooms, cold cut, hash browns, patty, and also baked beans along with latte.

Go makan at Plan B, it's triple that price (altho nicer la)...

First time we ordered it, it was at McD Bandar Baru Bangi. The staff probably was still groggy, and we ordered the set, he asked what we wanted for drinks. Replied latte (of course la, and Hubby even showed the menu to the fella), he punched in tea. Adui. Hahaha

Lucky the manager sorted it afterwards and we had our set (with price deducted for the latte) and yet we still enjoyed our latte. It would've been quite funny (misunderstanding between latte and TEH) if not for the fact the staff didn't even apologise or acknowledge he misunderstood our order. 

Second time we had it was at McD Equine Park.

Go there and then... McCafe was closed pulak!

No luck to drink latte for sahur. Huhu

Next time I wanted to eat this Mat Salleh style sahur, I'm cooking it myself! Hehe

Now, if only I have a Nespresso coffee machine at home. 


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