Monday, 25 June 2018

My New Sony Alpha Toy

I've been so busy with my freelancing jobs during my spare time (i.e. when I'm not at my full time work) and I've also started a new training plan for my races ans I know, this blog has been neglected quite a bit.

But, I managed to get myself a camera upgrade - to replace my 9-year old Sony NEX camera. 9 years old!
I shopped around and finally made a purchase for a Alpha 6000 Sony through Lazada. 

I'm not interested to lug around a big body DSLR, no matter how "pro" I may look like with it and this Sony Alpha model is good enough for me. The body is compact but it meets almost all my requirements, which are not a lot anyway. Haha

I haven't had time to get it out for a spin yet despite receiving it last week but I hope I'll be able to test it soon.


  1. Have fun with your new toy! Time to go shooting!

  2. We think alike. I would also shop from Lazada for better deals and get the simplest camera for my future travels. I rather not carry a slim camera too but a better quality phone with camera.

  3. Wow. A little treat for yourself huh? Nice.

    Hope you able to try the function out soon. Happy photography

  4. Share yah about the camera. If good I wanna buy to bring on trips. DLSR I only use indoors for food photos.



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