School Fund Drive

Zaini went to a PIBG (or PTA) meeting; him being a committee member and all; yesterday to discuss on a school fund drive.

Students have been given a fund collection book (for lack of better term).
The fund drive will be on-going until Oct 24, 2009. The students will not be allowed to canvass for any donation (it's the law. Students under the age of 16 are not allowed to collect donations) so it will up to us parents and guardians to find kind souls to donate towards the school coffers. Any volunteer? :) You might notice a Donate button put up on the sidebar I put up for this purpose.

I think my "victims" would be my siblings first then my parents and father-in-law for some donation. LOL And I'm going to top-up whatever the amount we get afterwards.

Raimie's school really need to up their funds. The donations received from this Bacaton will go towards PTA funds (60%), student welfare funds (20%) and resource centre (20%). Being a small school with less than 300 students, the school does not get much funds from the Education Department so it is up to the school board and PIBG (PTA) to finds ways to get more funds for the school. If it benefits the students, I'll support whatever cause the school comes up with. I hope you do too. :) *Wink wink*


  1. I always support school activities. I was active in schools and even if my kid is in school, I will always support him and the school.

  2. People would do their best to support education. It is very important to our future generation.

  3. @Willie & ECL,
    True. Parents should be actively participate in school activities (without interfering too much on school's admin, that is).

  4. I still remember last time schooling I had to carry the donation card and approached uncles, aunties, friends and whoever I could approach. In the end, me and my parents also had to donate some.

  5. @foong,
    it's a cycle. :D I used to co-erced my relatives to donate too.

    It is mentioned claerly in the booklet that parents / guardians have to do the canvassing.

  6. We have a donation system here thru our bank debit card via points for schools too. Best of luck for this drive.

  7. @Ayie,
    That's cool. No such system yet for Raimie's school. :)
    I hope we can contribute to the school. Thanks!

  8. Haiyoh! How come so many come and left comments already one?? Cannot get first *grumpy*

  9. Eh, wait! How come I'm directed to this old old post of yours???


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