An Early Wedding Anniversary Celebration...

and spending the night at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday. Actually, our wedding anniversary falls on Friday, Sept 4th but the last weekend being a long weekend and all, I decided to celebrate it early with Zaini and Raimie.

We headed off to Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya again, and this time we were pleasantly surprised with our room and service (if not all) there. If you remember, we chose a Deluxe room during our previous visit. This time, we got an Executive Deluxe room and boy, was it nice!

A good room have to come with a good view, and we got a great view indeed. While sitting at the balcony, we can relax watching the fishes swimming along in the pond below and also looking at the blue waters of the pool. No view of girls sunbathing from our room though. Hahaha

Our bed. See that big flower arrangement by the side table? I love the flowers. Pity I can't take them back home. Hihihi

A two-seater sofa beside the bed, a perfect spot to cuddle up.

And the Hotel put up an extra bed in the room too, without us even asking for one. Now, isn't that nice of them?

Of course the bed was for Raimie, but he mainly used it during the day, playing games in my notebook. He still wanted to sleep with us on the big bed that night!

If you read my previous posts about this hotel, you'd remember that I grouched about the outdated TV in the deluxe room. Well, in this room we got a flat screen TV. But the same problem seems to persist because whenever Raimie watched the Disney channel, the TV keep on losing signal and we kept seeing the grainy screen. Kind of exasperating after a while.

But all are forgiven because of this lovely fruit basket and chocolates the Hotel got for us. I'm easily swayed with freebies, you know. LOL

A nice room wouldn't be as nice without an awesome bathroom, and I admit, I like the bathroom. Spacious and of course way bigger than in the deluxe room. How nice to have the toiletries, towels and bathrobes in sets of three without even asking for them. They even provided talcum powder for us!

The bathtub was excellent and so was the shower area. I actually took a photo of the shower (which I must say, surpassed both Renaissance and Marriott's shower) but I deleted them in the hope of taking a better photo afterwards but I forgot to do it after all. Oh well. Adjustable shower head in the shower stall which is ideal for families with children. It was a big area and you can jiggle all you want while showering in there and not worry about splashing water out to the rest of the bathroom floor.

The only problem I had with the shower was, the first time I took a shower there, the water temperature was a bit, shall we say unstable? It got really hot then cold without me even adjusting the temperature. Even Raimie complained about it. But hey, we got a good shower nevertheless.

Using the toilet somehow made me think of a post by Mr Salaryman about his war on toilet papers. What a time to remember him! 0_0 The toilet papers in this hotel was way too soft for my butt! Wahaha!!!

Overall, the room was nicer and quieter than the one we stayed in previously. I guess in future, we won't mind forking out a bit extra for an Executive Deluxe room.

A surprise for us came later in the evening; instead of a note from the General Manager, we got a call from him! Imagine that!

Another surprise was to come, but I'll write about it in the next post.


  1. I always love reading reviews on hotel, and you wrote a good one :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Happy Anniversary bad !! dah 10 tahun dah u all ek.. tabah betul si zaini dgn ko. oppsss larikkk.. tp ko mmg baik pun dari moda2 lagik. :D :D

  3. nice internal designs! your little boy is usin the laptop! tech savvy? anyway happy merdeka! =)

    ps you're invited to leave a comment at my post, too. =)

  4. Happy Anniversary in advance!!
    Nice hotel la. Kami ingat nak gi Pullman Putrajaya nnt just fun ;-)

  5. @Lybil,
    Always happy to share. :) Thanks for dropping by.

    Tak dinafikan memang dia tabah gilos. Hehehe...

  6. @SJ,
    Kids now can be more tech savvy than us adults. :)

    Thanks. The hotel was nice but the nicer things are the little touches and gestures from the staff. I'm always partial to good service :)

    Wah, nak gi Pullman Putrajaya ek? Let us know how it is. Mana tau, lepas ni leh gi. :)

  7. Happy 10th anniversary. wishing you prosperity, happiness and good health to you and hubby.

  8. @wenn & Life Ramblings,
    thanks. :)

  9. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!!

  10. What could be that other surprise? Free dinner?

    Happy anniversary (advance) to you and Zainie! More blessings, best of health and happier family life be with you always.

  11. i love the room, everything I saw in your post! I would love to book in a hotel like that too =)

  12. @ECL,
    Thanks. We are looking forward to more anniversaries together. :)

    Hahaha... you have to wait for my next post. :)
    But free room is great already. LOL

  13. Congrats on your anniversary Lina :) What a lovely hotel you stayed! Especially when it's free!

  14. @VanillaSeven,
    It is a lovely hotel. I especially like the pool there. :)

  15. Nice hotel! I would love to stay in that hotel!

    Btw, happy 10th anniversary. Wah! 10 years already? Haha!

    Looks like you are pretty happy with the hotel this time around. Good for you! : )

  16. @foong,
    Yeah, 10 year of married life. :D Old oredi, kan? LOL

    A hotel is a hotel, but what makes one special is the people there. So, yeah I'm happy with the hotel now. :)


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