A Weekend Break

A long weekend ahead, what with Monday being Malaysia's Merdeka Day (Independence Day). We are going for a short break. Just a quiet weekend break, with nothing planned but just wanted to chill out a bit.

Last year, we went for a break to Zaini's hometown during the Ramadhan month. We spent nearly a week in Marang, Terengganu. A change of pace was really great. The night were spent visiting and breaking fast with relatives, cooking and eating as a big family. Visits to the nearby mosque and late night chit chatting with others. Playing with fireworks. Visits to Zaini's late Mom's grave. Accompanying Raimie to the beach. It was nice.

This year, apart from a break today, we will also experience fasting while in Tokyo in about two weeks' time. That'll be an interesting experience.

In two days' time, Malaysia will celebrate her 52nd independence day. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


  1. is that raimie buried in the sand? hehehe cute! looks like he's having fun!

    family gatherings and spending days relaxing is something we always look forward to. Speaking of which, me and hubs will go to park on sunday and chill out after attending mass. I'll just pack some snacks to nibble =P

  2. @Ayie,
    You have a great weekend too! So a picnic tomorrow after mass for you and hubby? That's nice. :)

    Yeah, that's Raimie.

  3. Happy weekend and happy merdeka! =)


  4. @kenwooi,
    Happy Merdeka to you too! And to all fellow Malaysians. :)

  5. hi, hv a nice weekend..Happy Merdeka!

  6. @wenn,
    you too! Merdeka! :)

  7. I miss Trg a lot. Last time didnt get to go there but this coming raya for sure kena gi sana.

    Slamat cuti merdeka!

  8. @Farah,
    Wah, nak g Trg cuti raya ni? Bestnya. :)
    Borong keropok lekor ke? :D

  9. Happy belated Merdeka to you!! : )


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