Lunch With Gal Pals At Tony Roma's

After a buffet lunch on Friday, a curry fish head for lunch on Sunday, I had another big lunch on Monday (not to mention the lunch I had at Yuzu with Foong). And I complain about not losing weight as fast as Zaini. Duh...

Me and three of my gal pals went for lunch at Tony Roma's on Monday, as a treat (belanja makan) for one of them. Three of us decided to opt for the set lunch and one of us opted for the ala-carte.

Service was fast, be it for taking our orders and serving our food but not so for the staff manning the front area. We were asked to wait and had to stand for a few minutes outside before being seated; and the place wasn't even half full yet!

My soup of the day that came with my set lunch. I got extra flavouring. A piece of the soup or soup stock packaging, I think; in my soup (You see the blue piece of triangle on that biscuit, that's my soup "special" ingredient for the day). Then, I had to ask for another fork because the one that I got was dirty. The gals, were watching me interestedly to see whether I'd start with my complaining. FYI, apart from informing the staff, no huffing and puffing from me during that lunch. I was very mellow that day. :D

What we had for lunch:

Fried shrimp (or something) at RM35.90

My choice : 1/4 BBQ chicken set lunch. It was delicious and the chicken was so tender. Yummy!

Another choice for set lunch: marinated chicken.

Both the chicken set lunch choice are priced RM16.90++. I'm planning to make a return visit for lunch, with Zaini and Raimie next time. Hopefully no more dirty cutleries or cardboard in my food the next time!


  1. hi lina...another eating frenzy?

  2. i love your food selection most esp the shrimps! makes me want to have some! Too bad I can just stare at the photos =(

    no nearby tony roma's here so never tried their ribs...remember? but i had very nice juicy ribs somewhere else =P

  3. Hi Lina,

    Didn't see u for quit some time. When choosing a place to eat, i definitely choose a restaurant with fast service.

  4. @Ayie,
    I remembered you mentioning about no Tony Roma's nearby you. Never mind, you description of your ribs make me salivate already. LOL

  5. @Willie,
    Hi ya Willie. Didn't make a visit to you for a while. :D

    But fast service at a cost of quality is no good either. ;)

  6. Eating again? Haha! I like Tony Roma's too. The fried shrimps and BBQ chicken look so delicious! Yummy!!

    Wow! Got special ingredient in your soup. I'm surprised you stayed so mellow. Haha!

  7. @foong,
    I'm surprised too. Lol But I got something up my sleeves. :D

  8. it could've been a typo error lina...i menat to say before there's NO NEARBY tomy roma's here in our area, still quite a drive. =)


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