Of Keeping Fit And Staying Healthy During The Ramadhan Month

Yesterday was my last day at the gym as I had suspended my membership for the whole Ramadhan month (Aug 22 - Sep 21). I had actually toyed with the idea of continuing visiting the gym (albeit for some lighter workout) even though I'm fasting but that'll mean my training would have to continue too. Always a hassle when your training sessions have an expiry date. :(

Mulling over whether to suspend my membership for a month, I know that I may be able to do some light workout after office hours because I get to go off earlier at 4.30pm during the Ramadhan month, but I don't think I can cope a one hour intensive training twice weekly! I'll be so de-hydrated! @_@ So no gym visits for me for a month!

The whole idea of Ramadhan month, the month of fasting; is not only abstaining one self from food and drink (or binging on food when it is time to break fast). It is about self control and self reflection and not succumbing to temptations (to put it simply).

So, there won't be any feast or going to lavish buffets come breaking fast time for us. We'll eat moderately and hopefully nothing too oily and fattening. I'll try not be too lazy at home too and try not get fatter than I am before the fasting month.

Anyhoo, I finally bought a pair of training gloves. Been resisting to get one despite the egging of my trainer because I didn't want to look like I try too hard, but I finally cave-in. Got to wear them for this week's sessions.
At home, Raimie nicked the gloves for a few minutes so that he can act "Minami Kotaro" and go henshin with them...

and Zaini told me that I look like Super Gran
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  1. Hi lina,

    I read in the press y'day that the muslim population in NL could break their fast at 10pm n hv an early start again at 4.30am - wow, I was thinking ... that is hard on the digestive systems surely ?

    My day starts at 6am n by 4.30pm I'm always faint with hunger (literally closing my eyes to suppress the long journey home, arriving at 6.30pm, with a 30min walk from the station to my door step). I'm wondering how one can survive the fast with this way of (hectic) life ? Would appreciate ur take on this.

  2. Ramadhan Mubarak.

    To Dutchie in the above post, the human body is capable of many superhuman feats. So not eating and drinking from dawn to dusk is not really a big deal. We see it as a religious duty.

    We are thankful that at least we have food to eat when we break our fast at night. There are some people in this world who do not have any food to eat and starving not because of any religious obligation but because they have to.

  3. @Dutchie,
    OMG! Breaking fast at 10pm?! That's tough. Always tough to fast during the summer months due to longer days. @_@

    There are leniency for fasting, one who is unable to fast due to medical condition (pregnant is one of them), traveling and due to heavy workload such as those working at construction site is allowed to not fast. There is different views though on how one should repay back the days that one didn't fast : fast another day during non-ramadhan months or give food to the poor and orphans.

    I don't know about most people, but somehow I can fast if I have the "niat" (intention) to do so and the day won't be as hard. Unlike if I just wish to skip meals for the day, an I'd be having woozy head by noon! Maybe it's spiritual.

  4. @klambat,
    true. When one has believe and sees it as their duty, one can do many things. :)

  5. but sometimes nowadays I see that the Ramadhan month is viewed more as a way to generate money and for people to spend way more for a lavish iftar or break fast. Are we thinking about those who were unable to eat and the poor when we are gorging ourselves at a RM100++ per head buffet at a 5-star hotel? I think not!

  6. Ramadan sure is a great opportunity to detox your body and lose a few pounds. Happy fasting Lina!

    btw, i love those fingerless gloves. it has the rugged sense of style for those who wear it.

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    True. But one needs to be careful of their food intake when breaking fast. I tend to gain the few pounds I lost in the few days celebrating the Hari Raya though. :D (And I always gain weight while vacationing in Japan too!)

    Thanks. I like how the gloves look too. :)

  8. Good luck with the Ramadan fasting. Also I think you look the best with those gloves.

  9. No food and drinks for a whole day and you still want to go to gym? If me, pengsan already! Haha!

    Actually no food is still tolerable, but no water - that's really tough!

    Oh! Finally got yourself a pair of training gloves! Good for you! SuperGran? Haha! I heard of that show before when I was very small, but have really no memory of it!

  10. @foong,
    yeah, no food still can tahan, no water I give up! @_@

    How come you don't remember Super Gran? It was on TV! I'm so much older than you, is it? :D

  11. Either you are much older than me, or I didn't really watch that show lah! Haha!

  12. @foong,
    I think you were a good boy and always reading books so you had no time to watch TV. Right?

    I cannot say I'm older than you! LOL

  13. haha, why super gran?

    I'm a catholic so i only observe fasting or abstinence on holy week. It must be hard doing that =( =( just curious..how about preggy muslims during ramadhan? do they fast too?

  14. @Ayie,
    Pregnant mothers, if they feel unable to fast or following a doctor's advice are given a leeway from fasting. When I was pregnant with Raimie, I fast up to the last week before I gave birth to him.

    But have to fast to make it up on the days one did not fast later.

  15. so that's really a deep devotion. I salute you guys for being able to do that.

  16. Klambat,

    Thanks for ur insight. The holy script was written in another era n folks lived a different way of life. I was wondering how folks today cope with the fast in their hectic lives. Lina gave me a good insight. Thank u both.


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