Vanity Over Pain

I'm being gross today. :D

There's this one shoe that I absolutely love the way it look on my feet, but it was murder wearing them. Hence, the result :
Will this stop me from wearing the shoes? Nope. I'll wear them again next week and hope that it won't hurt so bad next time.

Madness, I tell you.


  1. Also FC at mei teng's blog! Haha! Must be some kind of good luck after my return from China. LOL!

  2. Ooh! That hurts! You will still wear the shoes? Well, I guess vanity rules! LOL!

  3. Haha...we have to pay to get pretty. same goes to me here. But alot of shoes that hurts looks great, and those doesn't hurt looks not that pretty

  4. ouch!! dearie, you're killing your feet like that! if you insist on wearing them again, is there any way to put plaster/bandaid on the affected areas? For my sake? I feel so bad looking at those pictures! :p

  5. @foong,
    Aiyoh, tired replying to your spams. LOL

    @kuan ru,
    ain't that the truth. And unfortunately for me, the higher the heels, the better.

    I put a plaster on yesterday and today. Don't worry, it's comfy shoes today. (But sometimes I feel like I walk weird in low heel shoes)

  6. I can honestly say I have done this myself. Only I put a bandaid on the shoe in the spot that gives me a blister and sometimes it actually works.

  7. I used to be like you but now I've chosen comfort over cuteness. I've murdered my feet several times over in the past so I had to stop being ridiculous.(Though sometimes it's really hard to resist cute but uncomfortable shoes.)sigh.

  8. I understand and have done the same to my regret. It looks like it will hurt for a while.
    Johnny Ray

  9. Poor feet. i used to get blisters on my feet when i wear a pair new heels. hope your feet gets better each day.

  10. @Renae,
    I did that too, but I was hoping it wasn't that bad as this pair of shoes wasn't exactly new. Looks like I need to buy lots of band aid! LOL

    Guilty! LOL

    I'm not done yet with abusing my feet. Horror!

  11. @Sir John,
    I'm hoping it'll heal fast. Not exactly a sexy sight with feet covered in band aids!

    @Life Ramblings,
    Thanks. I'm hoping it'll heal fast too so I can go back to my high heels.

  12. oucchhhh !! tengok pun rasa sakit nya..

  13. @syidot,
    wakaka... nak wat camner... nak sexy.

    Lain la masa kat AIM dulu, pakai boot askar ke mana saje... Hehehe

  14. that's ouch but eventually it will loosen up a bit more and give your feet more space. They have special creams that can be applied either on shoes or your skin to reduce friction from the shoes. I'm also like that...some sandals and shoes make my feet sore at times but if the occasion calls then I'm wearing it! hehe

  15. @Ayie,
    Evening Ayie!

    I hope it'll loosen up too. :)

  16. Ouch! I've done the same many times.

  17. Ouchie! I don't blame u. We women are so "obsessed" with our shoes. Was it a high heel that did that nasty damage?

  18. @kenwooi,
    getting better! Thanks :)

    @Maricris Zen Mama,
    you bet it's caused by a high heel. ;D


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