What's Your Pair Of Comfortable Shoes?

So I abused my feet for a pair of heels a few days ago. I bet you ladies out there did the same thing at least once.

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Reading Mei Teng's post titled Young and Old reminded me the type of shoes I used to wear when I was in my 20s. And Zaini's choice of footwear too. We used to wear boots - Zaini wore Dr. Martens to work and for casual wear and for me, I wore mine during the weekends.

Actually, when I was a college student, I wore boots with my baju kurung uniform. Shida, remember? The boots were highly suitable for cramming into the crowded pink mini buses. People can step on my feet and it won't hurt so much! Haha

Zaini stopped wearing one when Dr Martens shoes were no longer available in Malaysia during the economic crisis way back in 1997. I stopped because somebody stole my boots and I couldn't find a nice (cheap) pair after that.

Nowadays, the older us just wear sandals when we go out. Or sneakers if we don't want to look like we are going to market. LOL

I still love boots, but now I go for a more girly types (and the higher the heels the better). I must say, I went drooling over the nice boots when I visit Japan. No more boots with steel plates for me now!


  1. Guess what? I've never wore boots in my life before! I usually just wear leather shoe to work, and casual rubber shoes or sneakers when go out for leisure. And slippers if go mamak.

  2. @foong,
    I guess we have different fashion sense. :D

  3. I have a DocMart when I was in Uni which I bought in UK but lost it within a week due to my own carelessness...

  4. @kruel74,
    that's a pity... those shoes are not cheap, some more bought from UK. Sayang...

  5. once nampak je boot dlm gambo nih, teringat tros boot ko masa kat kolej dolu2.. ko la satu2 nya sahabat yg pakai kasut gitu, kalah pakwe2 AIM masa tu.. adoi laaa...

  6. like foongpc, i never tried wearing boots too. i always settle for slips on or sandals.

    btw, i'm new here. founf your blog from EC. would you mind if we exchange links?

  7. @shida,
    wakaka... terharu aku ko still ingat.
    Aku kekononnya ganazz aar dulu. :D

  8. Are you kidding? after all these years, my Docs are still my favorite...short Docs, tall Docs...I still love 'em.

  9. My fave boots are Doc Marten. I've been wearing them for 5 years and recently changed the sole. Very comfortable :)

  10. Doc Martens were something I'd never heard of until the late 90's or so. Didn't find them too appealing: I like rugged, but they seemed too.. clunky.

    I have worn boots with Baju Kurung before, once, for the shock factor, teeheehee :)

    My fave pair of boots are Beatles-style ankle-high ones that were custom-made for me by a cobbler who used to be (dunno if still is) "underground" at Pusat Bandar Damansara. Wore that to work almost every day. Had it re-soled & re-heeled a few times to extend its life. Unfortunately, a few years ago my mother decided to take it to a cobbler without my knowledge for another round of re-sole-ing, and it was done badly / low quality sole was used; immediately became unwearable for me. So geram!! :(

  11. @Alterity Button Jewelry,
    That's cool. For us, we've becoming too old for the Docs I guess. :D

    They are very comfortable. I miss my boots... sigh.

    bestnya, custom made shoes.

    Parents (and grandparents) well intentions sometimes doesn't turn out well for us. My grandma once scrubbed and washed my silk blouse that I got from China sampai habis the baju. HORROR! But what can you do? Adoi...

  12. i love boots... but never had a chance to buy.
    dunno it's suitable for me to wear it or not. but I think would be ok kalau match with long skirt or even maternity dress????

  13. weee. i love boots...we really can swap shoes lina! i used to wear boots too and on search for a new pair now =)

  14. @Yatie,
    I wore a low heel boots when I was pregnant with Raimie. Very comfy for me who used to travel on the LRT way back when. :)
    There are some nice boots available at maternity stores too. Try and see.
    Being pregnant doesn't mean cannot be stylish, kan?

    I'm hoping to search for a new pair when we go to Japan. :)

  15. haha.. i find it amusing that ladies can wear heels.. if i imagine msyself wearing one.. ouch.. that would be very hard.. lol..

    im always with sports shoes.. =)


  16. @kenwooi,
    no more sport shoes for you if you join the corporate world.:D

  17. I have to give up heels as I have flat-feet. :(

  18. I can only wear track shoes now.... and it has to be a good, comforatble pair.

  19. @ECL,
    Hi ECL!

    I gave up wearing high heels for a year (due to some pain I have) but now I'm back to wearing them and abusing my feet, my calves and my back. @_@

    I guess being on the go person like you, a good comfy shoes is a must, eh?


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