First Day Of Workout

First day or working out in the gym, that is. I'd like to think that I haven't been completely out of shape during the fasting month and during our vacation.

After all, I did make an effort to climb 15 floors of stairs during the fasting month and walk endless kilometres during our vacation.

One thing for sure, all that training at the gym sure paid off. Raimie loves getting his piggy back rides and giving him one while hiking on Mount Mitake wasn't that exhausting. Phew!

Anyways, today was the first time I entered the gym after it changed ownership to Celebrity Fitness. Not a lot of change other than the staff uniforms, which by the way, I'm not particularly fond of.

Got my usual workout in my usual time so fitness level wasn't too bad even after one and a half month's absence from the gym and that's good. :-)

But the cute guy wasn't around for me to ogle at. LOL


  1. I would be out of breath if I climb even 5 flights of stairs. lol

    Keep up your good work! ;)

  2. Waaa piggy back ride... Lucky, Raimie not heavy...

    5 flights of stairs! Healthy! I think 2 flights and I would die from breathelesness... hahaha like the time I cycled under the sun with my now husband to the place to eat. I nearly collapse before reaching aiyar!

  3. @ECL,
    I used to get breathless too! That's why my trainer so jahat always ask me to do step exercise so that I can clim stairs. LOL

  4. @ladyviral,
    Yah, lucky he's skinny. Otherwise, I'll die halfway! LOL

  5. You're a fit mommy!Happy to "meet" a mommy who loves exercise. I'll resume jogging & other routine soon since gynae advised that one gotta rest for 3 months after c-sec then only can go for exercise again...

  6. @Dora,
    Hi Dora! Take care and have a good rest to recuperate.

    I guess light workout such as walking would be OK for you? :-)

  7. Walking wld be no prob. Oh yeah, may I add u in my blogroll? Thx!

  8. @Dora,
    Added yours too. :-)

  9. good to walk even a short distance..

  10. Looks like a good natural workout that combines endurance with family building.. good job.

  11. oh the cutie's not around anymore?

    raimie's lucky to have a piggy back ride from mommy...he's quite a big boy already! i can tell you are really fit for that! Imagine hiking and carrying such load? hehe

  12. @wenn,
    true. At least doing something is better than nothing. :)

  13. @Adam,
    Thanks. And doing these natural workout with family members makes the exercise more fun too!

  14. @Ayie,
    I saw him today! He came to the gym quite late today but I got full view of him as he was doing his weights right in front of me. LOL

    Zaini actually refused to give Raimie his piggyback saying that he is a big boy. But I'm such a softie. I always give in. :)

  15. Just reading this made me tired. :-D

  16. @Gallivanter,

    Never mind, go lie down and take a deep breath. OK now? :p

  17. Wow! Can carry Raimie while hiking up the mountain? Not bad eh? Looks like your gym workout paid off!

    No cute guy already? Maybe he dislike the staff's new uniforms and left for another gym. Haha!

  18. oh mommy so much pampering the little big boy =)

    aha! full view infront of you! Zainieeeee!!! just kidding...i'll join you in "sightseeing" if I'm you in the gym! hahaha!

  19. @foong,
    not all the way lah... Cannot manja him so much! I carried him when I saw him looking tired and took pity. :)

    He was back at the gym yesterday. Full view ogle for me too!

  20. @Ayie,
    Hahaha... and he reads this blog too.

    I know he's not that worried because he knows I love him. :D

    He's allowed to watch too, by the way. (And he is such a flirt too...)

  21. hahaha! he's such a flirt too!

    it's ok to look and and hubs often go for sightseeing...well me often pointing out to him sexy and beautiful lads! he teases me as lesbian saying i appreciate girls too much! hehehehe...better stare at guys silently =P

  22. @Ayie,
    I like to watch beautiful women too. :D

    Ya, better stare at guys silently. (Otherwise, can look desperate. LOL)


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