A Hiatus For A While?

I'm struggling with my internet connection both at home and at my office and I haven' been able to do drops and visits friends' blogs, apart from replying to comments at my blogs.

I don't know how long this will last and I am kinda feeling a bit at loss now, but life goes on. I'll come visit as soon as I can!


  1. So sorry you have been having problems with your connections, hang in there, :-) Glenn

  2. Hope your internet connection back to normal & see u around soon!

  3. What happened? I hope your house's connection not spooked by you-know-what! Haha! But how come office also like that? Very frustrating indeed!

  4. @ManOverBoard,
    Trying to hang tough. :D

  5. @Dora,
    I'll try and visit those on my blogroll when time permits but damn, the connection is murder!

  6. @foong,
    some problem with the network at office and unfortunately me having a fast internet connection is rather low in their priorities right now. Oh well...

    At home... I'm currently am hating Maxis Broadband guts! Don't know whether Celcom Broadband will be better. :(

  7. Tell me about it... my internet connection is dead... for three days now. :(.

    I understand how you feel... I am using Screamyx from TMNuts. <3 their pathetic service.

  8. @ladyviral,
    what internet provider in Malaysia can provide us with a half decent speed? Pay so much, service all so lousy! :(

  9. take it easy Lina, don't worry =)

    I too have been so busy lately, work work work =)


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