Keeping An Active, Talkative Boy Occupied

Sometimes, it is not easy travelling with an active child especially when there is a long journey ahead in confined places such as the plane or the train.
However, Raimie always looks forward to his plane trip because he loves to entertainment system available on each seat. Nobody to nag him or share what he wanted to watch. So, he was pretty contented to sit quietly and not fidget around except for the numerous trips to the loo.
On train trips, we allowed him to play with his Nintendo DSi so he won't be too bored with the journey. The downside of this however was, due to him being engrossed playing games, he didn't want to take any naps in the train! But allowing him to play gave us a breather from his relentless questions and the need for him to move around and disturb others during the journey.

And the Nintendo kept him entertained for a while at places where there's no TV or computers in sight.
And him being occupied and sitting quietly allowed us to catch on our naps on the trains. Love him we do, and we try to stimulate his mind answering all his questions but sometimes we parents need a break too. Zzzz....


  1. Yeah agree that Nintendo is a good gadget to get a kid sit still as my bros also let their kids play it when going abroad.

    hahaha can see Raimie addicted to it already, he plays on the floor too!

  2. Nintendo can be pretty addictive indeed.

    Happy weekend LIna!

  3. @Dora,
    He doesn't get to play with it much at home, only on weekends (limited time) so he was pretty happy when we were on vacation. He got to play with it throughout the journey if we let him!

    It's not only Raimie. Zaini has one too, you know. And if those two starts playing, I might as well be invisible. LOL

  4. @Life Ramblings,
    Yeah, pretty addictive so we had to impose limits and conditions for Raimie when he wants to play.

    Happy weekend to you too. Any game of badminton this weekend for you guys? ;)

  5. betul tu. we have them to have nitendo too esp kalau travel or waiting time... biasalah budak mana reti dok diam... game boleh buat them to be occupied, tak bising and tenang dunia kite

  6. Thank goodness someone invented the Nintendo! Haha!

  7. @yatie,
    itulah Yatie... kalau takde all these handheld game, memang tak duduk diam budak-budak ni. Nak main takpe, tapi takut mengacau orang lai, tu yg takmo tu...

    Lagi satu, dpt rest from all the Whys? How? How come? dan bermacam-macam soalan mak nenek diaorg. Huhuhu

  8. @foong,
    Ya, thanks goodness for Nintendo! And they do have to thank the parents for buying these games too. ;)

  9. so so have unlimited questions!

  10. @Ayie,
    You have a few years of bliss, watching your baby go goo-goo and ga-ga, wishing they can talk. Then, when they start talking, you kinda wish for the time when they were still a baby. LOL

    But it's good for kids to be inquisitive. And we as parents have to nurture that. But God knows how trying they can be sometimes. :D

  11. I want a nintendo DS too to keep company while i wait for my flights to Sg hehehe... mummy you getting me one ar? :P

    It is a fun gadget i have to admit... i even contemplated of getting my nephew one. But because he might throw is around and spoil it, i decided later will do.

  12. @ladyviral,
    girl... I buy you one only if you are a good girl.



    How old is your nephew? Raimie got his first Nintendo DS when he was 5. I admit it took a bit of a beating, but he learnt quickly how to handle it with care, because otherwise, Daddy won't allow him to play. :D

  13. Oh yeah with elisse she talks alot truly say the funniest things! talking stimulates their intellect so it's good. My mom said I was pretty talkative as a kid! ahahahaa

  14. @Ayie,
    and they say the darnest thing too! Have to be careful what we say in front of them.

  15. darnest...yes! 100% makes me laugh really hard!


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