Crunch Time For Raimie

Raimie is sitting for his final exam this week. A whole week of exam for his Standard One and two weeks' exam for his religious class. You'd think that he'll get stressed out but no... he's playing Monopoly with his uncles as I typed this. I think I freaked out more than he did, what with trying to get him to do additional study before his exam. LOL

His Grandpa asked him to aim for first place but he told his Grandpa it'll be hard. But he confidently said that he'll get second place. First place, second place or last place - the main thing is that he tries the best he can for his exam, right? I don't want to put too much pressure on him.... YET!

Anyway, we went to his school last weekend because Raimie managed to be one of the top fund collector for the Bacathon drive (fund drive) for his school. I can't upload any photos yet due to my atrocious and intermittent internet connection but I'll try soon! I just would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fund. Thanks guys!


  1. ya..don't put too much pressure..

  2. as long as he studies good and being a responsible student that's good enough for now...let him enjoy first since he's still young =)

    glad to hear about the school drive =)

    have a great day lina!

  3. Good luck to Raimie :). regardless of which place he gets placed at.. as long as he understand his lessons, and study well... I believe it is all good.

  4. I agree, no need for pressure. they will appreciate school more and enjoy it. Good luck to Ramie!

  5. everyone,
    Raimie still gets to enjoy being a kid and actuall didn't need to study all the much. (Must be the parents genes. Heh!) LOL

    Thanks for the wishes and we all hope that he'll do his best. No matter what, we are proud of him. :-)

  6. Raimie is a really lucky kid cos his parents don't pressure him too much in his studies and he's allowed to play Monopoly even though he's sitting for exam soon. And he's most lucky cos his parents bring him to Japan for a holiday! : )

  7. @foong,
    He is still young. We've got plenty of time to pressure him. LOL

    Anyway, as long as he did his homework, study a little and do well in his class, we are not too worried yet. But perhaps we will in coming years. :D

    Yalah, so lucky of him got parents take him to Japan, right? LOL The farthest my parents took me was to PD. Hohoho....


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