I Wanna Meat! Dinner At Carl's Jr, Mines

Felt like it's been ages since we last ate anything meaty. No meat for us during our vacation in Japan so we gladly obliged Raimie's request to go to the "Big Burger" place. That's what he called Carl's Jr. LOL

We walked to the Mines having parked our car nearby our favourite Mamak place instead of parking at the Mall. Getting to the Mines on weekend can be a nightmare due to haphazard parking on the road shoulder and not to mention finding a parking spot in the mall.

Well, we got our exercise before our meal. :D
Carl's Jr at the Mines. Quite deserted, a complete opposite from Carl's Jr at Midvalley but a cool place to hangout here because the tables and chairs were quite comfy and spaced far apart from each other.
However, no customers didn't mean we got our burger fast! Had to wait for a bit for them to arrive. I guess they had to cook our orders from scratch. Who knows...
Our dinner.I went for the Big Burger, Raimie got the famous star (I think) and Zaini got a hot dog which was a new item there. I know I'm being critical, but the hot dog with just the clear plastic container doesn't exactly a Carl's Jr image, right? No proper packaging made prior to the item being sold to the market?

My big burger. Look a bit sad, didn't it? How come these things never came the same as those food shown in the ad?
Zaini's hot dog.
Raimie with his burger. He cheated a bit, and only ate the patties, leaving the bun aside for his dad to finish.
One thing Raimie enjoys eating at Carl's Jr is the refillable drinks. He just loves filling up the cup himself. That, and eating a lot of free pickles available.

But can't eat here too often. Carl's Jr burgers aren't exactly the same price range as McD.

And we got ourselves some roadside burgers (Ramly burgers, no less) the next night. Bring the meat!!!


  1. i love to eat meat too but not too much..

  2. Well, I've been away from red meat for almost two months, counting the fasting month too.

    Good to eat meat once in a while, but like you said, not too much. :-)

  3. new haircut for raimie?

    i haven't been to carl's jr here...everytime mme and my friend are off to go there we all of a sudden see something that i will eventually point out to go after! hahaha

  4. @Ayie,
    You are so observant! :) Yeah, new haircut for Raimie. His hair was getting long and school doesn't allow that.

    Hahaha... more interesting stuff to see when planning to go to Carl's Jr?

  5. Seriously I never had Carl's Jr. burgers before but everytime when I pass-by the one in 1U, there's some very weird smell coming from them! Same smell in MV but the one in 1U is much stronger...

  6. @Dora,
    Really? Hmm.. never notice any smell. Maybe that's because we're so used to it already!

  7. Oooooooh Carl's Jr. I haven't had this for ages.. it wasn't my fault you and your family crave for burgers so much suddenly right? hehehee :P

  8. @ladyviral,
    hmmmm.... now that you mentioned it. It's partly your fault lah, I think. :D

  9. I'll have my final stop there...one time! hahaha!

  10. i haven't eaten burgers in ages. infact, burgers are not my cup of tea.

  11. Waaaa partly my fault ar...

    Should I stop posting food stuffs up.. else you end up with cravings all the time :P.

  12. @Ayie,
    And blog about it, when you do. K? :-)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Just burgers or all fast food?

    Fast food burgers are not that healthy anyway, so no loss, right? :D

    Never mind. Got incentive to crave for food otherwise not thought of. :)


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