Taking The Public Transport

I seldom take the public transport while in Malaysia. After all, I have the good fortune of staying near to my workplace so I just need to walk to office.

Had to take one (or two) just now to get to KL Convention Centre as I was meeting someone who was attending the National Accountants' Conference there.

The LRT was pretty much the same, but there was a jolt during my journey back to Midvalley from KLCC. The train suddenly braked and a few passengers nearly fell down. Don't know what happen but from the talk around me, this occured quite often. Really? That's so dangerous.

From Bangsar station, I hopped on a cab for the short distance to Midvalley. It used to be just RM2.00 for the fare, but after the increase it cost me RM3.50 for the taxi ride. And OMG! The taxi driver didn't stop the meter when he stopped the car so the meter was running while I was taking out cash from my purse and that few seconds cost me another few sen! Lucky I can claim the expenses otherwise... die man! Meter running so fast!

Not much improvement on the taxi service after the fare increase because I still had to ride an old taxi. Cannot change to newer car, meh? Old car got spring only for the seat. No cushion already? My butt hurts, you know! @_@

Everytime I take the public transport, I thank my lucky star that I need to walk everyday. Never mind the rain. I can handle that!


  1. the taxi driver cheated..

  2. Wah! So dangerous sit LRT nowadays? I also don't know. Hardly sit one! Still prefer to drive. Hehe.

    The taxi meter still running when it stops? How can? Meter running fast? Something fishy there!

  3. @wenn,
    I think so too... :(

    that's why lor... didn't know LRT can be dangerous oso. Cannot drive, so when the co. car & driver not free, what to do.. use public transport ler...

  4. Taxi Driver trying to con money! Did you take the Taxi licence plate number down? The Taxi Driver's name?

    I always get on a cab and make sure I got the name of the taxi driver, else the taxi number. If anything goes bad like this, I will report them.

    Maybe nothing happens, but at least in long run if more complains were to go in, something will happen.

    I took LRT last time when I go for my classes, but I never encounter such incident before... Hmmm... odd. KTM I know got lah. LRT rare leh.. well, maybe recently :x.

  5. @ladyviral,
    no lah, didn't have time. Was on urgent errand involving RM6mil. @_@

    Haa... KTM kah? I may need to take them when Zaini is out of town next month. Eeeek!

  6. When I was in KL and took cabs, they usually go longer distance to make a few extra dollars. I got so fed-up. Taking LRT also troublesome. sigh

  7. @ECL,
    I don't know why it is so hard to regulate and get those rouge taxi driver to toe the line. :(

  8. So lucky you stay near to your workplace then save a lot on petrol! Yeah it's dangerous... I experienced it too quite some years ago when I took LRT to KLCC. Wondering why they stopped it suddenly. I was so scared to see a pregnant woman almost fell down!

  9. @Dora,
    Actually, I was lucky my FIL stay so near there. We bunked at his place on weekdays because Raimie went to school nearby. ;)

    Yeah, so dangerous if pregnant woman fall down. @_@

  10. i haven't taken any public transport since I came here...oh wait, i thin once but it's a fun ride. Just a trolley cable car there in san francisco =)

    i experienced those lrt hassles andother public transport hardships back home. Gas prices too high that I stopped driving car to work so stuck with buses and other transits.

  11. @Ayie,
    I try not to use them if I can but if I can't hitch a ride from someone, then no choice. :(


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