Don't We Pedesterians Count?

Sometimes I wonder why we bother to make pavements because they seems to serve as a parking spot for motorcycles and cars and leave little space for pedestrians to walk there. And it seems such a waste of taxpayers' money because the nice pavements will inevitable be ruined by all those cars. Do we really need to change those tiles every year? Such a waste, in my opinion.

This is unfortunately a pretty common sight. Why bother pay a RM1 parking if you can park for free?

As a pedestrian, one of my wish for the new year is for people to be more considerate of those who chose to walk instead of driving. The world doesn't only revolve around you drivers, you know. I pay my income tax too, after all!


  1. I totally agree. I live in San Francisco where I have never had a car. Drivers just look at pedestrians as a nuisance. If more drivers would get out of their cars and walk once in a while there would be less obesity and less pollution in this world. Great post.

  2. Aiyaaaa ... Malaysia Boleh mah! LOL!

  3. Yalah, not fair everytime I have to find parking spaces and pay for the parking, while others don't care and just park anywhere for free! : (

  4. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Hear hear. :)

    Ya... everything also Boleh!

    True. Here we are circling around trying to find parking space and paying for it, others just park (or double park) without a care whether they inconvenience others or not. :(

  5. Very good point there Lina! Pedestrian walks are made for people for safer walking on the streets, too inconsiderate to just have it as a parking.

  6. they are so inconsiderate for parking on the pedestrian walks. those are meant for people walking, not for free parking. the polices should be writing summons for them as well. gosh.

  7. @Ayie,
    Sadly, not many drivers here think they are being inconsiderate by doing it. :(

    If cops & councils are strict, we may have no problem but indiscriminate parking is so common in Malaysia. :(

  8. In Sibu there just arent enough parking lots. the problem is poor town planning when the town was frst built abt a century ago when horse carts n rickshaws were the transport then.

  9. Inconsiderate drivers are everywhere now in this country, it's frustrated to see that!

  10. Malaysian civic-mindedness is sorely lacking, unfortunately. The police or town council should continuously issue summons to drive home the message. Or perhaps the authorities to have those concrete dividers set up to prevent vehicles from parking.

    You know, Lina, you could submit this picture and your grouse to the papers to hilite the issue.

  11. @bengbeng,
    Sadly, that's true but somehow cars needing to park always seems more important than safety and convenience of others too. The Majlis and people need to work together in this matter.

    It is indeed. Imagine if you are out walking, pushing your baby's stroller on the road instead of the pavement because there are cars on the pedestrians pavement.

  12. @HappySurfer,
    We still have a third world mentality, sadly. :(
    Anyway, what's the point of giving summons when at the end of the day, they give out discounts to recalcitrant drivers who refused to pay their summons in the first place?

    There are too many complaints and photos in the paper about this already... will anyone take note or not?

  13. Unhappy pedestrians are everywhere I guess, me too, but mainly because of hawkers instead of cars. Most sidewalks are built higher than the road so it's difficult for cars to get on them. It doesn't stop some drivers for trying though...

  14. @Evan's Mom,
    It certainly doesn't esp the 4WD. :(

  15. Our pedestrian walks are happily used by cyclists. If they are considerate, I have no problem but some are pretty reckless and they could hurt the elderly or young kids.

  16. Thank you. Brownie eats very little but Brownie can get up now.

  17. Those people with FREE car park on the walkway should learn how to provide pathway for the pedestrian, especially for wheelchair users. It is ashamed if disabled person from developed country to see this crap.

  18. @benghui,
    glad to hear about Brownie.

    not only should we be ashamed that others from other countries see this situation, we ourselves as Malaysians should be ashamed that fellow Malaysians has to see this kind of crap daily. :(

  19. people who park like that are normally those who are lazy to walk faraway and looked for places to part at their own convenience without thinking of others

  20. @Johnny Ong,
    Unfortunately, that's very true. If possible people like to park right in front of the place they are going to. We are too lazy too walk :(
    Though walking in Malaysia can be quite dangerous, what with snacth thief being so rampant. Sigh...


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