First Day Of School

Both Zaini and I took a day off today to send Raimie to school on his first day. Although he is in Standard Two this year, we still wanted to send him to school. Anyway, we can also settle his school fees (both primary and religious school) today and also get his books from the school bookshop.  So, after meeting his class teacher and with Raimie informing us that he didn't want us to look for him during recess, we spent almost an hour and half queuing to buy his workbooks.

 Not much drama with the Standard One pupils this year. Only one boy cried looking for his mommy. While standing around listening to the teachers at assembly, a reporter from RTM asked us for an interview. LOL
He finally got a mommy sending her son to Standard One to give an interview. Don't know whether Raimie's school was featured in today's news though. :)

Parents, how's your children first day at school went today? Smooth sailing?


  1. Happy schooling to Raimie! Wish him the best for this school year. Evan is still on school break, while me was two hours late on my first day of work, lol.

  2. schooling in the Philippines start on june and here in US Sept. only now I got aware of M'sia schooling.

  3. Hi Lina, today you sent him to school. Soon you will see him flying off to University somewhere.
    Have fun and have a great new year, best regards, Lee.

  4. Raimie's the one who didn't want you guys to look for him recess time? LOL! Don't la malu with the parents already.. He can do that in the tween years.. :D Well, I'm sure he's a very smart independent boy. Soon he'll be in college and you'll wonder where all the time went. *Sigh*

  5. @Evan's Mom,
    Evan is going to school next week, right?

    Haha, you were two hours late on your first day back. I bet the people at work understand. :)

  6. @Ayie,
    Malaysia school starts first week on Jan. :)
    Different countries differ on the start of school year. If I'm not mistaken, Japan school session starts in April. :)

  7. @Uncle Lee,
    How very true... and soon he'll leave the nest too. He'll grow up, be a man, have his own family...

  8. @Angel,
    He's way too cool to have his parents around. We are not allowed to kiss or hug him in public too, you know.
    Yalah, he'll grow up and I'll wonder where the time went. Sad...

  9. Japan loves to start during spring =)


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