Study And Homework Battle

It sure is hard to get Raimie to do his homework and exercises from the workbooks we got for him. We set a rule for him - he has to finish his homework by dinnertime, and when we get back from work, we'll review his homework with him.

On weekends, he needs to complete a few pages from his workbooks and I'll correct them. But man, getting him to even hold a pencil during weekend is hard and he'll start giving all sorts of excuses. For us, it's not much of studying that we want him to do but for him to develop discipline to allocate time for studies. Discipline needs to be nurtured from an early age and I don't want him to have the same attitude as mine toward studies. When I was a student (be it school or college) I rarely study and always did last minute cramming session days before an important exam. I guess I was pretty lucky I managed to scrap through school and getting a paper qualification and all, but I don't want Raimie to develop the same lackadaisical attitude!

Do you know that we allow him to have his own PSP and DSi at a young age to encourage him to be able to concentrate in doing one thing at a time and finish it?

What's your approach towards your child studies?


  1. Discipline is very important and I think you're not spoiling him too much for him not to know when to do this tasks and stuffs. Kids will always be kids so we have to bear with that fact too. Just keep training him mommy and he'll be fine with it =)

  2. Thank you for helping teachers in educating young children.

  3. @Ayie,
    I hope so too. :)

    Educating our child should not fall solely on teachers only.
    And keep up your good work educating young minds. Do your best!

  4. I'm very strict with my son when he was young. No TV, no computer, no handheld games, no handphone until he was 16.

    I don't force my son to study. Although I'm a teacher, I don't coach him. He is expected to have initiative, he has been told the consequences if he has no life skill or paper qualification. I'm not going to take care of his family.

  5. I started discipline from little things. Before Evan started schooling, my rule was "no TV before clean up toys". Now that he's at preschool I added "no TV before homework's done" to the rule.

    Most of the time rules work with no bargains, but there are times when he gives excuses. I notice as he grows older, his excuses grow as well, so I have to discipline myself to stick with the rules I made.

    Anyway, use your own approach on him Lina because you're the one who knows your son best :)

  6. @ECL & Evan's Mom,
    We all have our own approach and do what we think is best for our children.

    Thanks for the feedback! :)


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