A Day To Celebrate Excellence

Both Zaini and I are rather proud of our son. On Raimie's last day of school last year, we went to his primary school with him to attend his year-end prize giving ceremony, where he bagged second placing in his class. On Friday morning, there was another prize giving ceremony for Raimie to attend with us.

Both of us took a day off from work and Raimie was given a letter from his Islamic Primary School (known as SRA - Sekolah Rendah Agama) for exemption from attending class on Friday, Jan 22 to his Primary School (SK - Sekolah Kebangsaan). Raimie attends two schools Monday to Friday - the normal national primary school (SK) in the morning (7.45am - 1.05pm) and the religious school (SRA) in the afternoon from 2.30pm to 5.00pm and continue with his Iqra' class and reading the Muqaddam at the surau next door after that.

Early this year we were informed by his religious class teacher, Ustazah Rabiah; that Raimie had secured first place in his class for last year's exam but we thought there won't be any prize-giving ceremony at SRA. When we first received the letter from his SRA informing us about the ceremony that was to take place on Friday morning and Raimie needs to skip school for that, we were not really sure whether to allow Raimie to miss school that day but finally we decided that we should go.

When we sauntered in (we were late because Raimie had to answer nature's call. Haha) to the SRA compound, we were immediately greeted by his Ustazah saying that her important guest has arrived. It was then we got to know that Raimie not only will be getting a prize for 1st place for Year One, he also managed to bag the prize of Best Overall Student in the school. Now, that's quite an achievement, right?

Had to thank all his Ustazahs for their efforts in teaching their students. Unlike the sekolah kebangsaan that he attends in the morning, both Zaini and I were unable to help all that much in his SRA studies. Although I studied Arabic for a total of 5 years in primary school and secondary school; most of the knowledge had somehow seeped out of my brain. LOL So, if anything; Raimie's excellent showing in his studies was because of his Ustazahs. Thank you Ustazahs!
Raimie with fellow schoolmates
Receiving his prize for 1st place in Year One from his Headmistress, Ustazah Siti Raihan. A cheerful lady whom I first mistook as the admin staff at the school. ^-^!
Raimie receiving his prize as best overall student from JAWI (Federal Territory Religious Department) representative.

After the ceremony, we were urged by the Ustazahs to take more photos of Raimie on the stage. They seemed really proud of him. Talking with one of the Ustazah, she told me that Raimie should work hard and hopefully go to a Islamic Secondary school (Sekolah Menengah Agama). Well, I leave that to Raimie. He still have five years to complete primary school!

We'll try and support Raimie attending SRA until Year 6 and hopefully excel in not only his UPSR  but also UPSRA. I know when he enter Year Three there will a bit of challenge in attending SRA as the classes will clash with his extra-curricular activities at SK but we will try and work it out.


  1. tahniah Raimie !! memang geliga la anak ko bad.. pssstt kompem bukan ngikut ko nih, ngikut si zaini nih.. kompem kompemmm...

    kekekekekekkkk :D

  2. @Dot,
    aku dah tau ko cakap mcm tu. Muahaha....

  3. Congrats Raimie, you have done well and make your parents proud!
    *kiss from Aunty ECL*

  4. @Auntie ECL,
    I'm happy to make Mom and Dad proud but I still will get scolded because I like playing computer games more than studying. :D

  5. Congratulation. You got a young bright kid!

  6. @Superman,
    Thanks. Yes, he is, isn't he? Have to thank his teachers for their teaching too.

  7. @Wenn,
    Thanks. We are proud of him. :)

  8. Congratulations Raimie, that's quite an achievement and he is so cute :)

  9. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Thanks. :)

  10. an awesome achievement at such a young age

  11. @Bengbeng,
    hopefully it can be maintained.
    So hard to get him to study.

  12. Congrats Raimie! It's not easy to excel in two schools. Any surprise prize from mommy?

  13. @Evan's Mom,
    We wanted to but Raimie was quite ambivalent about getting anything special. But we bought him a board game that he was interested in at Tesco when we went there to buy groceries.

    Definitely not easy and he actually improved a lot at the SRA. To think that he got enrolled a couple of months after school session started too! It all due to the Ustazah's effort teaching him. :)
    Though sometimes I do pity him spending so many hours a day at school.

  14. congratulations to raimie!! top student is never easy to achieve.. am sure you are a very proud mommy now.. :)

  15. @SK,
    Mommy and Daddy is sure proud of him. :)

  16. congrats to the kid!
    all the best =)


  17. @kenwooi,
    thanks. Back from your trip oredi? So long didn't visit your blog lah. :D

  18. weeee!! I bet mommy and daddy are so so proud and happy!

    Congratulations Raimie!!!

  19. @Ayie,
    We are really, really proud of him. :)
    But he needs to keep up the good work and not be complacent. :D


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